Daddy in spanish


pronunciation: pɑpi part of speech: noun
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daddy = papi, papá. 

Example: The article is entitled 'Mommy! Daddy! Read to me!'.


» daddy longlegs = mosquito gigante, zancudo gigante, típula.

Example: This insect is a relative of the far more familiar daddy longlegs but its legs are stubby rather than long.

» daddy longlegs spider = araña zancuda.

Example: Daddy longlegs spiders like this one will kill anything trapped in their webs, including other spiders.

» granddaddy = abuelito.

Example: Their granddaddy hated black people, and so did their cousins and their friends and neighbors -- ignorance breeds bigotry and bigotry can be dangerous.

» sugar daddy = amante ricachón.

Example: This is a dating agency for sugar daddies, sugar babies and singles who are looking to cut to the chase and meet new adult singles online.

Daddy synonyms

pop in spanish: popular, pronunciation: pɑp part of speech: noun, verb, adjective dada in spanish: dada, pronunciation: dɑdɑ part of speech: noun dad in spanish: papá, pronunciation: dæd part of speech: noun pa in spanish: Pensilvania, pronunciation: part of speech: noun papa in spanish: papá, pronunciation: pɑpə part of speech: noun pater in spanish: padre, pronunciation: peɪtɜr part of speech: noun pappa in spanish: pappa, pronunciation: pæpə part of speech: noun old man in spanish: anciano, pronunciation: oʊldmæn part of speech: noun
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