Damaging in spanish


pronunciation: peɹ̩xudiθiɑl part of speech: adjective
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damage2 = deteriorar, dañar, perjudicar. 

Example: Single holds are useful, for example, when a particular copy of a document is damaged or needs rebinding.


» damage + Posesivo + credibility = dañar la credibilidad.

Example: Sloppy reference work and lack of verification effort inevitably result in damaging a librarian's credibility with other librarians from whom assistance may be sought.

damaging = perjudicial. 

Example: Potentially as damaging are errors that result from poor editing and proofreading.


» damaging effect = efecto nocivo, efecto perjudicial.

Example: This article considers the damaging effects of the Harmattan, a very hot and dusty wind that blows in Nigeria and other West African countries, on library materials and staff.

» environmentally-damaging = perjudicial para el entorno, perjudicial para el medioambiente.

Example: The aviation industry uses environmentally-damaging fossil fuels free of taxation and we can no longer ignore its ecological imprint.

Damaging synonyms

detrimental in spanish: perjudicial, pronunciation: detrəmentəl part of speech: adjective negative in spanish: negativo, pronunciation: negətɪv part of speech: adjective harmful in spanish: perjudicial, pronunciation: hɑrmfəl part of speech: adjective destructive in spanish: destructivo, pronunciation: dɪstrʌktɪv part of speech: adjective prejudicial in spanish: perjudicial, pronunciation: predʒədɪʃəl part of speech: adjective prejudicious in spanish: perjudicial, pronunciation: pridʒudəʃəs part of speech: adjective
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