Damage in spanish


pronunciation: dɑnjɑɹ̩ part of speech: noun
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damage1 = daño, deterioro, perjuicio. 

Example: Wastage is sometimes defined as material which temporarily or permanently has evaded the usual lending procedures due to misplacement, damage, non-registration, theft or non-returns.


» alleviate + damage = mitigar el daño.

Example: However, most emergencies arise from water leakage and much can be done by the non-specialist to alleviate the damage.

» brain damage = lesión cerebral.

Example: The shaking of an infant or child, can be devastating and result in irreversible brain damage, blindness, and even death.

» cause + damage = causar daño, producir perjuicios.

Example: Modern, centrally heated buildings are pleasant for readers but can cause damage to books.

» claim + damages = reclamar daños y perjuicios.

Example: Patricia Hunter and several hundred co-plaintiffs who live in the shadow of Canary Wharf Tower, London, claimed damages in nuisance.

» collateral damage = daños colaterales.

Example: An example of 'weasel word' usage might be the description of a bombing campaign -- a peace activist might describe it as 'genocide' whereas a military spokesperson might use the term 'collateral damage'.

» collision damage waiver (CDW) = seguro de colisión.

Example: Unless you have taken out something called collision damage waiver (CDW) then having even a minor accident in a hired car could prove very expensive indeed.

» compensatory damages = indemnización por daños y perjuicios.

Example: Compensatory damages are paid to compensate the claimant for loss, injury, or harm suffered by another's breach of duty.

» consequential damage = daño consiguiente, daños y perjuicios.

Example: Swets is not responsible for any consequential damages caused in any way by the preceding items for which you are solely responsible = Swets no es responsable de cualquier daño consiguiente causado de cualquier forma por los elementos anteriores de los que sólo usted es responsable.

» damage deposit = fianza.

Example: Landlords have the right to keep the damage deposit to cover damages and any other amounts they think they may be owed by the tenant.

» damages case = caso por daños y perjuicios.

Example: 'Library practice on trial' is an account of the presentation of evidence from library practice in an historic damages case.

» damage to property = daño a la propiedad.

Example: Early warnings that quickly reach those at risk can substantially reduce loss of life and damage to property.

» environmental damage = destrozo producido por las condiciones ambientales, daño producido por las condiciones ambientales.

Example: Aspects of physical condition, including pH, brittleness, mutilation, and environmental damage were surveyed = Los aspectos del estado físico que se estudiaron fueron el pH, la fragilidad, la mutilación y los daños producidos por las condiciones ambientales.

» exemplary damages = compensación punitiva. [En derecho, sanción que se impone a un persona o entidad en señal de castigo por la infracción cometida de modo que sirva de ejemplo]

Example: This paper examines the arguments for and against extending exemplary damages to breach of contract.

» financial damage = daño económico.

Example: If these guidelines are not adhered to with due care and diligence, financial damage to the library can result = Si no se siguen estas directrices con el debido cuidado y atención, el resultado puede ser que la biblioteca sufra daños económicos.

» fire damage = daño causado por el fuego.

Example: The library was plundered for its electronic equipment, and later suffered severe fire damage from the shelling.

» immaterial damage = daño no material.

Example: This includes the liability for all bodily injury, material or immaterial damage, caused to any third party within the framework of their commercial activity.

» incalculable damage = daño incalculable.

Example: Cyclonic wind reduces whole towns to matchwood, killing and injuring thousands, and causing almost incalculable damage.

» inflict + damage = causar daño, ocasionar daño.

Example: Tornadoes and hurricanes often inflict their worst damage on trailer parks and caravan sites, usually because the structures are not secured to the ground.

» liquidated damages = compensación por daños y perjuicios.

Example: Bank charges for going overdrawn or for bounced cheques are the equivalent of a charge for breach of contract, known as liquidated damages, and the courts can enforce payment.

» long-term damage = daño a largo plazo, perjuicio a largo plazo.

Example: That means that sustainable energy is energy which is replenishable within a human lifetime and causes no long-term damage to the environment.

» material damage = daño material.

Example: This includes the liability for all bodily injury, material or immaterial damage, caused to any third party within the framework of their commercial activity.

» minimise + damage = mitigar el daño, paliar el daño.

Example: The article 'After the deluge: what next?' reports on a one-day workshop on disaster planning for libraries with particular emphasis on minimising damage caused by water resulting from floods or the aftermath of fire-fighting.

» nerve damage = deterioro de los nervios.

Example: Nerve damage may mean that you no longer notice the stone in your shoe, due to loss of sensation to your feet.

» protect + Nombre + from damage = proteger de daños.

Example: By effective use of drapes and blinds, books can be protected from damage through exposure to ultraviolet light.

» punitive damages = compensación punitiva. [En derecho, sanción que se impone a un persona o entidad en señal de castigo por la infracción cometida de modo que sirva de ejemplo]

Example: ACS is liable to Dialog for punitive damages in the amount of $100 million.

» remedy + the damage = subsanar daños, reparar daños.

Example: The library staff must then take steps to remedy the damage.

» repair + the damage = reparar daños, subsanar daños.

Example: We all know that when evil is done it is very hard to repair the damage = Es de todos conocido que cuando se hace el mal es muy difícl reparar el daño causado.

» seek + damages = reclamar daños y perjuicios.

Example: He will be seeking damages from those in the media who have dragged his good name through the dirt.

» smoke damage = daño causado por el humo.

Example: This article describes the damage caused to the library by a fire in a reception room, including furniture and fittings and smoke damage to the 19th century collection of monographs.

» structural damage = daños estructurales.

Example: Researchers say that the hearts of persons suffering from high blood pressure are more likely to suffer structural damage.

» sue + Nombre + for damage(s) = demandar por daños y perjuicios.

Example: Product liability laws allow the customer to sue for damage because of deficient or incorrent documentation.

» suffer + damage = sufrir daños.

Example: But during the Japanese war the city was attacked by Japanese bombs and suffered heavy damage to its libraries with library activity coming to a standstill.

» water damage = daño causado por el agua.

Example: Water damage was the main problem with 10 per cent of holdings affected.

damage2 = deteriorar, dañar, perjudicar. 

Example: Single holds are useful, for example, when a particular copy of a document is damaged or needs rebinding.


» damage + Posesivo + credibility = dañar la credibilidad.

Example: Sloppy reference work and lack of verification effort inevitably result in damaging a librarian's credibility with other librarians from whom assistance may be sought.

Damage synonyms

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