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pronunciation: dɑnθɑ part of speech: noun, verb
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dance1 = baile, danza. 

Example: The article 'Encore! Integrating children's literature as a prelude or finale to music experiences with young children' shows how teachers and library specialists can integrate children's literature about song, dance, or musical instruments in music classes.


» ask + Alguien + to dance = sacar a Alguien a bailar.

Example: Ask him to dance and you might end up meeting your Prince Charming.

» a song and dance routine = actuación de canción y baile.

Example: Shakespeare's great and all, but nothing beats a song and dance routine with animals.

» ballroom dance = baile de salón.

Example: This book is intended for both students and teachers of ballroom dance and dances included are the foxtrot, the swing, the waltz, the cha-cha, the rumba, the samba, the tango, and the polka.

» dance club = club de baile, discoteca.

Example: This pub is usually crowded with a mainly young and wealthy clientele tanking up before heading to the dance clubs nearby.

» dance company = compañía de danza, compañía de baile.

Example: Andrew Asnes has become a much-admired standout of the Paul Taylor Dance Company.

» dance competition = concurso de baile.

Example: A programme of festivities and events has been organized with music and dance competitions and a party with live bands, discos and other attractions.

» dance critic = crítico de baile.

Example: The writer explains how he earned a poison-pen reputation as dance and music critic at the Los Angeles Times.

» dance festival = festival de baile, festival de danza.

Example: This dance festival bigs up the diverse and exciting range of high quality dance theatre talent we've got on our very own doorstep.

» dance floor = pista de baile.

Example: Drinks, food, cigarettes, chewing gum or any other foreign substance should never be brought onto the dance floor.

» dance-hall = salón de baile, sala de fiestas.

Example: All librarians can tell tales of being caught out in this way, to learn of their error only when the answer has been produced: information on dance-halls when dinosaurs was asked for, or on the grey starling when something on Grace Darling was what was wanted = Todos los bibliotecarios pueden contar historias de cuando han metido la pata de este modo para aprender del error sólo cuando se ha producido la respuesta: información sobre los salones de baile cuando se preguntaba por los dinosaurios, o sobre el estornino gris cuando se quería algo sobre Grace Darling.

» dance move = movimiento de baile.

Example: Have you ever been jealous of a girl's dance moves you've seen in a club and secretly wished you could dance just like her?.

» dance music = música de baile.

Example: Scores include motets, passion music, settings of Latin odes, dance music, lieder and madrigals.

» dance on + point = bailar de puntillas.

Example: Years and years of hard work and dedication go into perfecting the art of dancing on point.

» dance partner = pareja de baile, compañero de baile.

Example: He likes to waltz and jive and his favorite dance partner is his wife Jacqueline.

» dance routine = coreografía, número de baile, rutina de baile.

Example: In fact, she received multiple compliments about her shapely gams and fancy footwork in the dance routine she performed.

» dance show = espectáculo de baile, programa de baile.

Example: And she tells MTV that she's 'out of her element' on the dance show.

» dance step = paso de baile, paso de danza.

Example: Often the aerobic dance steps call for arm movements which in turn increases the heart rate.

» dance troupe = troupe de baile, compañía de baile.

Example: The fact that she chose to dissolve the dance troupe she founded in 1965 is now beside the point.

» discotheque dance = baile de discoteca.

Example: Incredibly, for instance, there are still no direct and specific LC headings for MEN'S LIBERATION, discotheque dances, CLONES AND CLONING, or ALTERNATIVE LIFE-STYLES.

» do + a song and dance = hacer el pino con las orejas.

Example: I've become an entertainer -- I have to do a song and dance to capture my students' attention.

» do + a song and dance routine = cantar y bailar.

Example: I was about sixteen when I teamed up with my father to do a song and dance routine in local night clubs.

» do + the dance = seguir los trámites normales en estos casos, hacer los trámites normales en estos casos, cumplir + Posesivo + obligación.

Example: I actually flew out on a job interview, did the dance, and flew home, all without knowing anything about what the company was willing to pay.

» give + Nombre + a song and dance = soltar una excusa, largar una excusa.

Example: I didn't give her a song and dance or get on my hands and knees begging for forgivenes.

» line dance = baile en línea.

Example: Line dance is sometimes thought of as originating in the Wild West.

» make + a song and dance about = celebrar por todo lo alto, celebrar a lo grande, hacer muchos aspavientos por Algo, celebrar a bombo y platillo.

Example: But nobody knows that because Ford don't make a song and dance about everything they work on or develop.

» prom dance = baile de graduación.

Example: In fact, some people confuse cocktail dresses with prom dresses, but they are quite different.

» square dance = baile en cuadrilla.

Example: Here they are kicking their heels up at a square dance in Texas.

» war dance = danza de guerra.

Example: Primitive war dances, fertility rites, hunting games are all rituals human beings develop in their corporate as well as their private lives.

» western dance = música del oeste, música de cowboys.

Example: Small wonder then that western dance classes in the city are brimming with corporates learning to shake a leg and get rid of accumulated stress.

dance2 = bailar, danzar. 

Example: I am too old any longer to play games or dance; my social life is restricted; and I cannot, as I used, take much interest in the future of the world, for I shan't live long enough to see what is going to happen in it.


» belly-dance = bailar la danza del vientre.

Example: The article 'Wear lipstick, have a tattoo, belly-dance, then get naked: the making of a virtual librarian' provides some pointers to interesting Internet sites and useful gateways dealing with images of librarians.

» dance + Posesivo + heart out = hartarse de bailar, bailar hasta caer muerto, bailar hasta rendirse.

Example: After dancing his heart out for an hour or two, and drinking more beers than he should, he flaked out earlier than most.

» dance + Posesivo + socks off = hartarse de bailar, disfrutar bailando, bailar hasta caer muerto, bailar hasta rendirse.

Example: Then, Nathan spontaneously offered to take her out for her birthday and dance her socks off.

» dance with + death = tentar (a) la suerte, desafiar a la suerte, meterse en la boca del lobo.

Example: When there are so many threats to life such as war, famine and disease, why are we seeking to dance with death?.

» dance with + snakes = tentar (a) la suerte, desafiar a la suerte, meterse en la boca del lobo.

Example: If there was ever an idiot who stuck her head in the lion's mouth, went swimming with sharks, or dancing with snakes, it would be her.

» dance with + the devil = tentar (a) la suerte, desafiar a la suerte, meterse en la boca del lobo.

Example: The article 'Dancing with the devil' discusses the difficult relationship which writers have traditionally had with Hollywood film studios.

» if you dance, you must pay the piper = cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos; el que la hace, la paga; donde las dan, las toman; cosechas lo que siembras; el mundo da muchas vueltas; siembra vientos y recogerás tempestades, aquellos polvos traen estos lodos.

Example: And as the old saying goes: 'If you dance, you must pay the piper' .

Dance synonyms

dancing in spanish: bailando, pronunciation: dænsɪŋ part of speech: noun terpsichore in spanish: Terpsichore, pronunciation: tɜrpsɪkɜri part of speech: noun trip the light fantastic in spanish: fantástica luz de viaje, pronunciation: trɪpðəlaɪtfæntæstɪk part of speech: verb
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