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pronunciation: gɑnɑdoʊɹ̩ part of speech: noun
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» principal wage earner = perceptor principal. [Persona que en una familia aporta los mayores benificios económicos a la misma]

Example: This Act challenges programs that have different retirement requirements for men and women, different rules for the 'head of the household' or 'principal wage earner'.

» revenue earner = generador de ingresos, fuente de ingresos. [Generalmente, organismo o parte de uno que tiene ingresos propios y es, por lo tanto, total o parcialmente independiente económicamente de otro superior]

Example: The largest revenue earners were those museums where money was assigned directly back to the service department to offset or recouped against costs.

» wage earner = asalariado, trabajador, trabajador asalariado.

Example: Research shows that families choosing to educate their children at home are located all over the USA and that the majority are traditional in the sense that the father is the principal wage earner and the mother the teacher.

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wage earner in spanish: asalariado, pronunciation: weɪdʒɜrnɜr part of speech: noun
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