Earmark in spanish


pronunciation: ɑsignɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb, noun
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earmark = destinar, asignar. 

Example: Eight thousand Prestel frames were earmarked for community information during the trial period.


» have + all the earmarks of = tener toda la apariencia de, tener toda la pinta de.

Example: The shootings have all the earmarks of a hate crime as nothing was stolen and 'Go Home' was written above them.

Earmark synonyms

appropriate in spanish: apropiado, pronunciation: əproʊpriət part of speech: adjective reserve in spanish: reserva, pronunciation: rɪzɜrv part of speech: noun allow in spanish: permitir, pronunciation: əlaʊ part of speech: verb hallmark in spanish: contraste, pronunciation: hɑlmɑrk part of speech: noun trademark in spanish: marca, pronunciation: treɪdmɑrk part of speech: noun set aside in spanish: dejar de lado, pronunciation: setəsaɪd part of speech: verb stylemark in spanish: marca de estilo, pronunciation: staɪlmɑrk part of speech: noun
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