Fabricate in spanish


pronunciation: fɑbɹ̩ikɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

fabricate1 = fabricar. 

Example: This means that it will become possible to fabricate many complete processors on one chip.

fabricate2 = inventar. [Referido a algo falso]

Example: Both the researcher and the student practice of 'fudging' involves faking, fabricating, or stealing data.

Fabricate synonyms

construct in spanish: construir, pronunciation: kənstrʌkt part of speech: verb manufacture in spanish: fabricar, pronunciation: mænjəfæktʃɜr part of speech: noun make up in spanish: maquillaje, pronunciation: meɪkʌp part of speech: verb invent in spanish: inventar, pronunciation: ɪnvent part of speech: verb cook up in spanish: cocinar, pronunciation: kʊkʌp part of speech: verb
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