Face in spanish


pronunciation: kɑɹ̩ɑ part of speech: noun, verb
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face1 = cara, rostro, faz, semblante. 

Example: They are followed in turn by the see and see also references to the heading: HEAD see also BRAIN; EAR; EYE; FACE; HAIR; NOSE.


» about-face = cambio radical de postura, cambio radical de opinión, cambio radical de actitud, cambio súbito de actitud, cambio súbito de postura, cambio súbito de opinión, media vuelta, marcha atrás, viraje.

Example: Tanzania provides one of the most extreme examples of an about-face in food marketing.

» a face as long as a fiddle = cara larga.

Example: Whenever he went to the races and lost, he usually returned with a face as long as a fiddle.

» a face as long as a wet weekend = cara larga.

Example: If a man goes around with a face as long as a wet weekend, perfectly certain that he is going to be kicked, he is seldom disappointed.

» be not just a(nother) pretty face = no ser sólo una cara bonita, no tener (ni) un pelo de tonto, no + creerse + que + chuparse + el dedo.

Example: She's not just a pretty face but she's also full of talent with a bossy streak.

» be written (on/all over) + (Posesivo + face/Pronombre) = notarse a la legua, notarse en la cara, reflejarse en la cara, reflejarse en el rostro, llevar escrito en la frente, llevar escrito en la cara, tener escrito en la cara, tener escrito en la frente.

Example: She's got trouble written all over her face, she's a disaster waiting to happen.

» blow up in + Posesivo + face = estallar en la cara.

Example: But now she has been left with third-degree burns after the police grenade blew up in her face.

» blow up on + Posesivo + face = fracasar estrepitosamente, caerse de bruces, salir el tiro por la culata.

Example: She always tries to do what she thinks is right, but sometimes it blows up in her face.

» Chernoff faces = caras de Chernoff.

Example: A comparison of socio-economic and scientometric indicators is presented using Chernoff faces.

» coalface = tajo de extracción del carbón, veta de carbón en extracción.

Example: His songs are of real life experiences having worked as an electrician down the mines for 21 years, 12 of these at the coalface.

» come + face to face = encontrarse cara a cara, enfrentarse.

Example: If they come face to face in a fight to death, is it really that hard to imagine who would win?.

» cut off + Posesivo + nose to spite + Posesivo + face = tirarse piedras contra + Posesivo + propio tejado.

Example: The article 'Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face' discusses the harmful results to British libraries of increasing fees for overseas library students.

» disappear from/off + the face of the earth = desaparecer de la faz de la tierra, tragarse a Alguien la tierra, perder de vista para siempre.

Example: Religion has never disappeared from the face of the earth, no matter how we dislike, it is here to stay.

» expressive face = cara expresiva.

Example: She has an expressive face and a good sense of timing, but the style she follows leaves a lot to be desired.

» face blindness = prosopagnosia.

Example: It's estimated that 2% of the world's population suffers from face blindness, or prosopagnosia, a neurological condition preventing people from recognizing faces.

» face card = naipe de figura.

Example: Each suit contains four face cards, called ace, king, queen, and jack, in diminishing order of importance.

» facecloth = paño para la cara, paño para lavarse la cara, manopla.

Example: If you have bloodshot eyes a cold facecloth held over closed eyes will shrink blood vessels and reduce redness.

» face flannel = paño para la cara, paño para lavarse la cara, manopla.

Example: Forgetting to pack a face flannel is hardly the worst mishap that can befall the holiday planner.

» facelift [face-lift] = remozamiento, renovación, rejuvenecimiento, reforma, cambio.

Example: The Web's full embrace of constant change means that even old friend sites may be unrecognisable after technology facelifts.

» facelift [face-lift] = lifting, lifting facial, lifting de cara, estiramiento facial, cirugía estética facial, cirugía estética facial. [En medicina se utiliza "estiramiento facial"]

Example: Rejuvenation procedures typically performed in conjunction with a facelift are brow lift, to correct a sagging or deeply furrowed brow, and eyelid surgery to rejuvenate aging eyes.

» facemask = máscara facial.

Example: This is the only facemask and balaclava that warms the air you breath using heat exchange technology.

» face-melting = alucinante, imponente, fascinante, extasiante.

Example: You can think of Homer as a badass literary ninja who wailed out a lyre solo so face-melting that it was remembered for the rest of history, and then dropped a smoke bomb and back-flipped out of sight forever.

» face off = cara a cara, enfrentamiento directo, confrotación directa, pugna directa.

Example: Bomb disposal is a face off with your own mortality.

» face-out = con la portada hacia fuera.

Example: With the recognition of the importance of face-out displays of paperbacks, such equipment as wine spinner racks were introduced to school bookshops and libraries.

» face-out shelving = estantes inclinados. [En una biblioteca, estanterías con baldas inclinadas hacia fuera para poder colocar los libros con la cubierta hacia fuera para facilitar su lectura y atraer la atención del lector]

Example: Merchandising techniques such as face-out shelving, displays, paperbacks near the checkout area may be used.

» face recognition = reconocimiento facial, reconocimiento de caras.

Example: These results add to others that have suggested face recognition is a special mental ability.

» face-saving = para mantener las apariencias, para guardar las apariencias, con la intención de mantener las apariencias, con la intención de guardar las apariencias.

Example: The Iranians have always given themselves a face-saving way out by denying that their aim is acquiring nuclear weapons and by even taking a religious position against such weapons.

» face-saving = estratagema para mantener las apariencias, maniobra para mantener las apariencias, estratagema para guardar las apariencias, maniobra para guardar las apariencias.

Example: We have come to think of face-saving as indicating a certain phase of the so-called inferiority complex -- a sense of hidden weakness.

» face-slapping = pelea a bofetadas.

Example: His selection of films suggests a temperamental bias toward strong, violent, edgy scenes with killings, face-slappings, and confrontations.

» face-to-face [face to face] = cara a cara, de cara a, personalmente, individualmente, en persona, presencial.

Example: This may help to improve the service librarians can give face to face with clients.

» face validity = validez aparente.

Example: Preliminary tests show that bibliometricmodels of research have a reasonably good face validity among scientists.

» face value rule = regla del valor nominal. [Norma de comportamiento del bibliotecario por la cual debe limitarse a determinar sólo lo que el usuario busca y no lo que realmente necesita]

Example: Several possible rules governing the reference interview are examined; one calls for inquiry into client's underlying wants, 'the face value rule', another for inquiry into underlying needs, 'the purpose rule'.

» face wipe = toallita húmeda para la cara.

Example: I never thought I would be one of those people that would be converted to face wipes from makeup remover.

» fall + flat on + Posesivo + face = fracasar estrepitosamente, caerse de bruces, salir el tiro por la culata.

Example: Like the bear who could take it or could leave it alone, we may find that if we lean over too far backwards we might as well fall flat on our face.

» fart-face = cara pedo, cara culo.

Example: I want all of you fart-faces on the ground and on your stomachs and I want you to give me ten pushups.

» feel like + a kick in the face = sentar como una patada en el estómago.

Example: I sent her a message explaining my hurt towards this and I didn't like it, it felt like a kick in the face to me.

» fly in + the face of = ir en contra de, no prestar atención, no tener en cuenta, hacer caso omiso, desdeñar.

Example: If a planned activity flies in the face of human nature, its success will be only as great as the non-human factors can ensure.

» get out of + Posesivo + face = largarse, irse al cuerno, irse al infierno, irse a paseo, irse al diablo, irse a la mierda, irse a freír espárragos, irse a tomar por culo, irse a la porra, perderse de + Posesivo + vista, esfumarse, desaparecer, perderse, pirarse, pirárselas, darse el piro.

Example: Joel said they came over to see what was going on but he told them to get out of my face and gave them a mouthful.

» get + red (in the face) = sonrojarse, enrojecerse, ruborizarse, ponerse rojo, ponerse colorado.

Example: I realize there are some teabag manufacturers sputtering with indignation and getting red in the face right now.

» give + Nombre + a slap in the face = dar una bofetada a Alguien, dar un bofetón a Alguien, dar una torta a Alguien, dar un manotazo a Alguien.

Example: Napoleon burst into a loud fit of laughter, gave him a slap in the face, called him a clever fellow, and made him a captain in the artillery.

» go + red (in the face) = ponerse rojo, ponerse colorado, sonrojarse, ruborizarse, enrojecerse.

Example: More and more people have learnt how to stop going red in the face with this simple step by step method.

» gormless face = cara de pan.

Example: The door began to open slowly and the principal walked in with the normal gormless face showing no emotion.

» grim face = cara triste, cara de pocos amigos, cara de perro.

Example: I don't know about your garbage men but mine are rather huge guys with grim faces.

» have + a baby face = tener cara de niño.

Example: Alex has a baby face but he wasn't born yesterday.

» have + a face a mile long = tener la cara larga, tener cara de acelga.

Example: When my assistant and I go driving uptown in the morning and you look at the people in the street, I mean 80 percent of them have a face a mile long -- they hate going to work.

» have + a face like a funeral = tener cara de velatorio, tener cara de entierro.

Example: His greying tufts of hair stuck out from underneath his hat, his suit was over-the-top formal, and he had a face like a funeral.

» have + a funny look on + Posesivo + face = tener una cara extraña.

Example: He had a funny look on his face -- a bit like the look people get when they're busting for the toilet, but someone else is using it and they have to wait.

» have + a good memory for faces = ser un buen fisonomista, nunca olvidar una cara, nunca olvidarse de una cara.

Example: I normally have a good memory for faces, even if people's names often escape me.

» have + egg on + Posesivo + face = quedar mal, quedar en ridículo.

Example: The Prime Minister did not like having egg on her face because she could not answer the questions herself.

» in the face of = en vista de, ante, a pesar de, a tenor de, debido a, frente a.

Example: In the face of present priorities and staff commitments, the Library feels that it cannot undertake a comprehensive study of the subject heading system that would pave the way for a major restructuring of the system.

» in the face of + adversity = ante la adversidad, ante cualquier adversidad.

Example: Libraries are struggling to hold on and maintain quality in the face of adversity and reversal.

» in the face of + challenge = encontrarse ante un reto.

Example: In the face of these challenges, developing nations start from a position of weakness, based on low levels of capital formation and rapid population growth.

» in-your-face = descarado.

Example: Some female readers also appreciate bad-girl books for their powerful, independent heroines, and in-your-face attitude.

» keep + a straight face = mantenerse serio, mantener la cara seria, contener la risa, aguantar la risa, guardar la compostura, mantener el tipo.

Example: The object of this game is to keep a straight face while the other players try to make you laugh.

» laugh in + Posesivo + face = reírse en + Posesivo + cara.

Example: A pervert grabbed and sexually assaulted a schoolgirl at a bus stop before laughing in her face and then fleeing in a car.

» laugh on + the other side of + Posesivo + face = arrepentirse, acabársele a Alguien las ganas de reír. [Expresión del inglés británico equivalente a la american laugh out of + the other side of + Posesivo + mouth]

Example: If I happen to catch her, I guarantee he will be laughing on the other side of her face.

» look + danger (squarely) in the face = no amedrentarse ante el peligro, no acobardarse ante el peligro.

Example: Television reporters must be able to look danger squarely in the face, be willing to work long hours, forego weekends, holidays, and special occasions, and be ready to be on the road at a moment's notice.

» lose + face = perder la credibilidad, desprestigiarse, perder prestigio, quedar mal, quedar en ridículo.

Example: Fear of 'losing face' often prevents people from seeking counseling for psychological problems until the problems are advanced.

» loss of face = deshonra, agravio, desprestigio, humillación, pérdida de credibilidad.

Example: Males are primarily concerned with a loss of face when confronted with a jealousy situation, while females are concerned with the possible loss of a partner.

» make + a face (at) = hacer una mueca.

Example: I think people make faces to show an emotion they have such as pain, sadness, fear or joy.

» meet + face to face = conocer personalmente.

Example: Many participants they take the opportunity of the IFLA conference to meet face-to-face.

» never + forget a face = ser un buen fisonomista, nunca olvidar una cara, nunca olvidarse de una cara.

Example: She never forgets a face -- not even someone she met for just a moment, not even decades later.

» on the face of it = a primera vista, de primeras, en apariencia.

Example: On the face of it, that sounds like an even more difficult concept to comprehend, let alone implement in a working model.

» paleface = rostro pálido, carapálida.

Example: White-skinned people with blue eyes aren't just responsible for the current crisis; the blue-eyed palefaces are responsible for saddling the world with a financial system that has a built-in tendency to crash.

» poker face = cara de póker, cara de póquer, cara inmutable, rostro inmutable, cara inexpresiva, rostro inexpresivo.

Example: Improving your ability to have a poker face when you need it can increase your effectiveness with people.

» porcelain face = cara de porcelana.

Example: Tears fell down from her porcelain face like rain falling from a sad sky.

» pull + a face = poner mala cara, hacer una mueca.

Example: She winced and pulled a face, which only made her friend laugh harder.

» pull + a wry face = poner cara de asco.

Example: Say 'mathematics' and often children, not to mention adults, pull a wry face.

» punch + Nombre + in the face = golpear en la cara, dar un golpe en la cara.

Example: They stepped out of the room and he punched her in the face, sending her sprawling and giving her a black eye that lasted for the rest of the tour.

» put on/up + a bold face = guardar la compostura; mantenerse compuesto; mantenerse impasible; mantener el tipo; no sucumbir ante las emociones; no inmutarse; sacar pecho; aguantar el tipo; hacer de tripas corazón; echarle cara; poner al mal tiempo buena cara; poner buena cara; hacerse el valiente; aceptar las cosas (tal y) como vienen; si te dan limón, haz limonada. [También se usa esta expresión colocando la partícula on al final put + a brave face on]

Example: I shall put a bold face on, and if I do feel weepy, he shall never see it.

» put on/up + a brave face = guardar la compostura; mantenerse compuesto; mantenerse impasible; mantener el tipo; no sucumbir ante las emociones; no inmutarse; sacar pecho; aguantar el tipo; hacer de tripas corazón; echarle cara; poner al mal tiempo buena cara; dar la cara; poner buena cara; hacerse el valiente; aceptar las cosas (tal y) como vienen; si te dan limón, haz limonada. [También se usa esta expresión colocando la partícula on al final put + a brave face on]

Example: It's no secret that all Commonwealth Games sites are lagging behind schedule but the organisers are putting on a brave face.

» save + face = quedar bien, conservar la dignidad, salvar las apariencias, guardar las apariencias, guardar las formas, mantener las apariencias.

Example: He'll be able to save face by showing that he gave his everything, but he won't have to suffer the consequences of actually implementing that horrible legislation.

» shoot off + Posesivo + face = hablar más de la cuenta, irse de la lengua, írsele la lengua, largar, decir disparates, escapársele la lengua. [Usado también con el orden shoot off + Posesivo + face]

Example: Boy, how they shot their face off about how they were going to beat us!.

» show + Posesivo + face = dejarse ver, aparecer, asomar la cara, asomar la jeta, asomar el pelo, hacer acto de presencia.

Example: I've been told to get over here again and show my face!.

» shut + Posesivo + face = cerrar el pico, cerrar la boca.

Example: He then allegedly told her to shut her face before proceeding to blast it with punches, breaking her jaw.

» shut + the door in + Posesivo + face = darle a Alguien con la puerta en las narices.

Example: Wren glared at her for a second, then shut the door in her face.

» shut your face! = ¡punto en boca!, ¡cierra el pico!, ¡cierra la boca!.

Example: The editorial states that the principal read a patriotic poem at a flag-raising ceremony and shouted 'shut your face' to those who did not share his opinion.

» slam + the door in + Posesivo + face = darle a Alguien con la puerta en las narices.

Example: The nun told her not to come to her class late and slammed the door in her face.

» slap in the face = insulto, ofensa, desaire, descortesía, jarro de agua fría.

Example: To reward him with a major committee chairmanship would be a slap in the face of millions of Americans who want to see real change in our country.

» slap in the face = bofetada, bofetón, tortazo, sopapo, guantada, guantazo, manotazo.

Example: He was not kidding when he said that Caracas could greet travellers with a slap in the face rather than a warm hug.

» slap + Nombre + in/on the face = dar un manotazo, dar un guantazo, dar una guantada, dar una torta, dar un tortazo, dar un revés, dar una galleta, dar un cachete, dar una bofetada, dar un bofetón, abofetear, guantear.

Example: Today one of the nursing students was slapped in the face by a grumpy old man.

» smiley face = sonrisa. [En Internet, combinación de caracteres y números que si se miran torciendo la cabeza hacia la izquierda representan expresiones faciales que indican el estado emocional del que los escribe: tristeza, alegría, etc]

Example: To view a smiley face or emoticon, tilt your head to the left, or the image to the right, until the left-hand side is at the top.

» sneer in + Posesivo + face = burlarse en + Posesivo + cara, mofarse en + Posesivo + cara.

Example: At the fast-food restaurant where Lily works, her co-workers laugh behind her back and sneer in her face.

» stare + death in the face = ver la muerte de cerca, estar cerca de la muerte, estar al borde de la muerte, bailar con la muerte, sobrevivir de milagro, salvar la vida de milagro.

Example: British holidaymaker has told how she stared death in the face during a horror boating accident in Ibiza.

» stare + Nombre + in the face = estar al borde de, saltar a la vista, tener delante de las narices.

Example: Bankruptcy stared him in the face unless he could obtain this increase of capital.

» straight face = cara seria, cara larga.

Example: 'Till death do us part' is a 'comedy' programme not in the sense that to be serious we must have straight faces or even, preferably, weep = "Hasta que la muerte nos separe" es un programa de "humor" no en el sentido de que para tratar un asunto de un modo serio debamos poner caras largas o incluso, si es posible, llorar.

» stuff + Posesivo + face = atracarse, atracarse de comida, atiborrarse, atiborrarse de comida, darse un atracón, ponerse morado, ponerse ciego, ponerse tibio, comer a dos carrillos.

Example: We got stuck waiting for a train back for almost two hours, so we sat in a country pub in the arse of nowhere, stuffing our faces and playing dominoess.

» take + Nombre + at face value = aceptar tal cual, tomar en sentido literal.

Example: Some librarians find it more comfortable to stifle their professional consciences and take the question at its face value, disregarding any suspicion they may feel that it is not what the enquirer really needs.

» talk + Reflexivo + blue in the face = hablar hasta reventar, hablar por los codos.

Example: But in the end, although I've talked myself blue in the face, I'm afraid actions speak louder than words.

» talk until + be + blue in the face = hablar hasta la saciedad, hablar (hasta) por los codos, hablar hasta quedarse sin aliento.

Example: He said Faulkner was a 'full-time mountain shiner' who could talk moonshine until he was 'blue in the face'.

» the grim face of = el lado sombrío de.

Example: Every day we encounter the grim face of poverty when we see children in dirty and torn clothes.

» turn away + Posesivo + face = apartar la vista, apartar la mirada, mirar hacia otro lado.

Example: The spectacle of two young women giving breast to their babies made her blush and turn away her face.

» vanish from + the face of the earth = desaparecer de la faz de la tierra, tragarse a Alguien la tierra, perder de vista para siempre.

Example: The plot is about a scientist who wakes up one morning to find that everyone except him seems to have vanished from the face of the earth.

» volte-face = cambio radical de postura, cambio radical de opinión, cambio radical de actitud, cambio súbito de actitud, cambio súbito de postura, cambio súbito de opinión, media vuelta, marcha atrás, viraje.

Example: Although she has repeatedly ruled out calling an early election, she says her volte-face is motivated by the need to 'strengthen our hand in negotiation with the European Union'.

» wash + Posesivo + face = lavarse la cara.

Example: If during the day, you feel sleepy then it can help tremendously if you wash your face with cold water.

» wear + a face = tener (una) cara de.

Example: It was late when he got home, and Jasmine wore a face that was filled with contempt, considering him to be beneath her.

» wipe off + the face of the earth = borrar de la faz de la tierra.

Example: At the scene of the impact one local resident said that if the whole meteorite had hit Bourges, the town might have been wiped off the face of the earth.

» with a smirk on + Posesivo + face = con una sonrisa en los labios, con una sonrisita en los labios.

Example: I glared at her but she just swanned out of her car, slammed the door and breezed off with a smirk on her face.

face2 = cara, superficie, faz. 

Example: The genesis of this brave new world of solid state logic, in which bibliographic data are reduced to phantasmagoria on the faces of cathode-ray tubes (CRT), extends at most only three-quarters of a decade into the dim past.


» boldface = negrita.

Example: And there are boldface letters deliberately inserted saying DELETED.

» cliff face = acantilado, precipio, pared del acantilado, pared del precipio.

Example: For many years now there have been peregrine falcons breeding on a cliff face on the outskirts of the city of Plymouth.

» clock face = esfera del reloj, cuadrante del reloj.

Example: So, instead of an infinite linear number line, we should use a circular arrangement, like a clock face.

» drop off + the face of the earth = desaparecer de la faz de la tierra, tragarse a Alguien la tierra, perder de vista para siempre.

Example: You can't choose your family, but you can give them the stink eye and wish they dropped off the face of the earth.

» face down = boca abajo.

Example: If you want to make a copy on the machine, insert the document into the front slot face down until you hear a beep.

» face up = boca arriba, bocarriba.

Example: The deck is shuffled and then the first card is placed face up on the table in front of the card dealer.

» on the face of the earth = sobre la tierra, en el mundo.

Example: E-mail is without question the most powerful method of distributing information on the face of the earth.

» rock face = acantilado, farallón.

Example: The article is entitled 'View from the rock face: survey of overseas students currently studying in the UK'.

» steep rock face = acantilado, farallón.

Example: Following the narrator across endless ash fields, lava fields and steep rock faces, the reader easily gets lost in a dream in which the mysterious and the familiar merge.

face3 = aspecto, características. 

Example: Had this venture succeeded, the complete face of bibliographical control today would have been different.


» accept + Nombre + at face value = aceptar tal cual, tomar en sentido literal.

Example: Shareholders and industry watchers can find it difficult to see the true state of a company if they accept the accounts at face value.

» old-face = de aspecto antiguo.

Example: From the 1840s there was a gradually quickening revival of interest in old-face romans.

» the changing face of = los constantes cambios de, el nuevo aspecto de, la cambiante fisonomía de.

Example: Complicated issues continue to expand as preservation tries to keep up with the changing face of technology.

face4 = tipo. [Abreviatura de type face (carácter tipográfico)]

Example: The demand for the old faces came to an abrupt end and the founders withdrew them from sale, some even destroying the old punches and matrices as so much scrap.


» book face = tipo de imprenta.

Example: Fraktur, cut with a contrived formality that belied its cursive origins, became the most successful of all the gothic types, surviving as a book face in Germany until the mid twentieth century.

» fat face [fat-face] = carácter de líneas gruesas.

Example: There were, first, the traditional serifed roman exaggerated by about 1806 into fat face by a great increase in contrast between thick and thin strokes.

» light face type = letra normal. [Como opuesta a letra negrita]

Example: In a subject headings list non-approved headings are normally shown in light face type and the indexer is directed towards the preferred heading, for example, Grease USE Lubrication and lubricants.

» modern face = letra moderna, caracteres modernos.

Example: The flamboyance of the earliest modern face proved evanescent, and it was a restrained interpretation of the design, combining elements of both the English and the French modern faces, that prevailed.

» type face [typeface] = estilo de letra, tipografía. [En imprenta, conjunto de caracteres del mismo estilo, tamaño, etc]

Example: This may either be achieved by appropriate type face, or by the positioning of the title.

face5 = ojo. [En tipografía, parte frontal de la letra que es la que le da forma y la hace diferente de las demás]

Example: He lifted about five lines from the top of the nearest page on a setting rule and balanced it on his left hand, with the face of the letter towards him and the last line uppermost.

face6 = enfrentarse a, afrontar, arrostrar, encarar, hacer frente a, plantar cara a, padecer. [En la voz pasiva va seguido de la preposición (with)]

Example: Hungary faces far-reaching socio-economic transformation which will inevitably affect libraries as well.


» face + a barrier = encontrarse con una barrera, enfrentarse a una barrera, enfrentarse a una traba, encontrarse con una traba.

Example: The limitations and barriers faced by rural libraries and residents in obtaining the information they need and want are examined = Se analizan las barreras y las limitaciones con las que se encuentran las bibliotecas y los habitantes de las zonas rurales de consguir la información que necesitan y requieren.

» face + a constraint = enfrentarse a una limitación.

Example: Of course, a thesaurus intended solely for on-line display does not face the same space constraints.

» face + a crisis = pasar una crisis, enfrentarse a una crisis, hacer frente a una crisis.

Example: Calculated, moderate risk-taking in search of improvement and change must be the strategy of the dynamic librarian of the 1980s in the light of the crisis to be faced.

» face + a dilemma = enfrentarse a un dilema.

Example: Academic librarians today face a paradoxical dilemma.

» face + a gaol sentence = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: Most probably Bernhard will be charged with statutory rape, and perhaps face a gaol sentence.

» face + a gaol term = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: A 57-year-old West Australian man is facing a gaol term for importing child pornography.

» face + a jail sentence = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: A Herefordshire mother says she's facing a jail sentence for taking her daughter on holiday during term time.

» face + a jail term = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: Based on her crime, she could be facing a jail term of up to 15 years.

» face + a limitation = encontrarse con una limitación, enfrentarse a una limitación, encontrarse con una traba, enfrentarse a una traba.

Example: The limitations and barriers faced by rural libraries and residents in obtaining the information they need and want are examined = Se analizan las barreras y las limitaciones con las que se encuentran las bibliotecas y los habitantes de las zonas rurales de consguir la información que necesitan y requieren.

» face + an impasse = encontrarse en un impás, enfrentarse a un impás.

Example: The impasse facing many SLIS is that they have always been net importers of service teaching in the past and have very little 'currency' available to pay for imported expertise.

» face + an issue = afrontar un problema, enfrentarse a un problema.

Example: Personnel management is a critical issue facing library administrators.

» face + an obstacle = encontrarse con un obstáculo.

Example: Results of a survey are discussed and show that chemistry departments face major obstacles in implementing information instruction.

» face + an opportunity = tener una oportunidad.

Example: There will be a dramatic shakeout in librarianship but information scientists face a great opportunity to develop their skills by the opportunities afforded by the new technology.

» face + a prison sentence = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: He faces a prison sentence for having sex with minors and possessing child porn.

» face + a prison term = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: He is a prominent lawyer and human rights defender and faces a prison term on charges of supporting Kurdish rebels.

» face + a problem = enfrentarse a un problema, afrontar un problema.

Example: They both face the problems presented in attempting to provide a system for the classification of all areas of knowledge.

» face + a situation = enfrentarse a una situación.

Example: Faced by this situation a teacher who launches into the presentation of a new book without first doing something to settle the children down should hardly expect to succeed.

» face + a task = enfrentarse a una tarea.

Example: This article examines the burdensome task archival appraisers face in dealing with the typically massive files created by major censuses and surveys.

» face away from = mirar en dirección opuesta a, mirar en dirección contraria a.

Example: Instead she chose to kick start the show sitting down and facing away from her captive audience.

» face away from + each other = mirar en direcciones opuestas, mirar en direcciones contrarias.

Example: When Charles and Diana got married the Australian royal stamp had the couple facing away from each other, which caused much criticism.

» face away from + one another = mirar en direcciones opuestas, mirar en direcciones contrarias.

Example: Since the houses were designed to face away from one another, maintaining privacy has never been an issue.

» face + charges = tener que pagar.

Example: Users pay a fee for the equipment, but otherwise face no charges for use.

» face + charges = acusar.

Example: This article consider some hypothetical situations in which information providers might face charges of negligence.

» face + choices = enfrentarse a alternativas.

Example: The Green Paper on the financing of the public library service forces librarians to look closely at the choices facing them on how libraries of the future are to be funded.

» face + competition from = tener que competir con.

Example: The library is poorly sited outside the shopping centre and on the brow of a hill, and faces competition from adjoining libraries.

» face + criminal charges = ser acusado de un delito criminal.

Example: Another rota system operates in some magistrates courts, whereby a duty solicitor is on hand to assist people facing criminal charges who otherwise would be unrepresented = En algunos juzgados de asuntos menores el sistema de turnos es diferente pues siempre hay un abogado procurador de guardiay a mano para ayudar a la gente acusada de delito criminal que de lo contrario no tendrían representación.

» face + death = enfrentarse a la muerte.

Example: Librarians who have to choose between Congress and Dewey are in the dilemma of the proverbial lady facing death or a fate worse than death.

» face + differences = hacer frente a las diferencias.

Example: The immense cultural differences facing the professions tends to render comparisons valueless.

» face + difficult times = pasar dificultades, pasarlo mal.

Example: This may be a reason why the publishing industry is facing such difficult times.

» face + disciplinary action = expedientar.

Example: A supermarket worker who phoned in sick but then went out and posted pictures on Facebook is facing disciplinary action.

» face + felony charges = ser acusado de delitos graves.

Example: An elderly couple is facing felony charges after police pulled them over and discovered the Christmas presents they planned on delivering to their family were actually just 60 pounds of marijuana.

» face it = seamos realistas.

Example: The article is entitled 'Empty calories for the mind: the news might be sensationalistic, but face it, we're all interested'.

» face + legal action = demandar, interponer una demanda (judicial), poner una demanda (judicial), entablar una demanda (judicial), llevar a juicio, querellarse contra.

Example: This article examines the question of whether fee-based information service producers could face legal action, from dissatisfied customers, if the information product is found wanting.

» face + life = enfrentarse a la vida.

Example: The rock-bottom element seems to be the confidence in facing life.

» face + Nombre + head-on = hacer frente, tratar Algo sin rodeos, enfrentarse a Algo cara a cara.

Example: Both stress the need to face the issues head on, but prudently, by documenting the extent of the problem before meeting with the library director.

» face off = enfrentarse cara a cara, plantarse cara a cara.

Example: The two faced off, ready to battle to the death and when they engaged, the entire world shook with their might.

» face + Posesivo + demons = hacer frente a + Posesivo + miedos, enfrentarse a + Posesivo + miedos, afrontar + Posesivo + miedos, enfrentar + Posesivo + miedos.

Example: When her attempt at a normal life goes up in smoke, she must come to terms with her half-blood nature and face her demons.

» face + Posesivo + fears = coger el toro por los cuernos, vencer el miedo.

Example: By gathering up courage to face their fears, international contractors operating in China may begin to detect new possibilities of doing business there.

» face + pressure = estar sometido a presión.

Example: At the moment the printed newspaper has to face considerable pressure from new technologies.

» face + prison (time) = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: Landlords could face prison time for failing to check tenants immigration status.

» face + reality = hacer frente a la realidad, enfrentarse a la realidad, afrontar la realidad.

Example: But now we must face reality and embrace the memory of his spirit and his voracious lust for life, which will live on.

» face + stiff competition = enfrentarse a una fuerte competición.

Example: Turkish players will be itching to take another victory for their country, but they face stiff competition.

» face + the consequences = afrontar las consecuencias.

Example: These people put lives at risk and they should face the consequences of their unlawful actions if they kill people.

» face + the facts = hacer frente a los hechos.

Example: Cases keep discussion grounded on certain persistent facts that must be faced, and keep a realistic rein on airy flights of academic speculation.

» face + (the) facts = enfrentarse a la realidad, hacer frente a la realidad.

Example: This has, of course, always been so, but the facts have not always been faced.

» face + the future = enfrentarse al futuro.

Example: The article is entitled 'From strength to strength: Judaica collections facing the future'.

» face + the music = afrontar las consecuencias, aguantar la vela, dar la cara.

Example: 'Might as well face the music,' he said resignedly.

» face + the risk = correr el riesgo.

Example: Otherwise it faces the risk that the large investment required in creating digital collections will fail to realise a high return.

» face + the truth (that) = hacer frente a la realidad (de que), enfrentarse a la realidad (de que).

Example: The existential theme of this play, the need to face the truth that there is no meaningful life, may have been too much for its first American audience.

» face + tough competition = enfrentarse a una fuerte competición.

Example: The company had lost $3 billion, been forced to cut 16,000 jobs and was facing tough competition from low-cost airlines.

» face + trial = ir a juicio, ser juzgado, ser procesado.

Example: A woman who worked as a nanny for a couple was deemed fit to face trial on charges she stabbed two of their children to death in their home home last year.

» face up to = enfrentarse a, hacer frente a, encarar, plantar cara a.

Example: Together we need to face up to the challenges of the Information Age.

» face (up to) + a challenge = enfrentarse a un reto, afrontar un reto.

Example: While on-line systems possess the potential to fill a majority of Third World information gaps, they face tremendous practical challenges in these areas.

» face (up to) + a danger = enfrentarse con un peligro, afrontar un peligro.

Example: He thinks that if he doesn't see or face up to the danger there is no danger; he is safe.

» face (up to) + a difficulty = enfrentarse con una dificultad, afrontar una dificultad.

Example: This has been the case with newspapers which suddenly find that their audiences are both growing older and dwindling in size and they are facing great difficulty appealing to the new electronic generation.

» face up to + responsibility = hacer frente a una responsabilidad.

Example: Regrettably, some people have considerable difficulty in facing up to responsibility and they procrastinate; others become notorious for making snap judgments.

» face (up to) + the fact that = enfrentarse al hecho de que, enfrentarse a la realidad de que, hacer frente al hecho de que, hacer frente a la realidad.

Example: The fact must be faced that the world as a whole tends not to have a clue about the existence of the information profession.

» face up to + the future = enfrentarse al futuro, encarar el futuro, hacer frente al futuro.

Example: We must face up to the future and ensure that the unique value of the public library as a focus for community life are shared with others.

» let's face it = seamos realistas.

Example: Let's face it, personal grooming is the key to success, in business or in your social life.

» outface = decir la última palabra, acallar. [También escrito out-face. Pincha en para ver una lista de palabras que comienzan con este prefijo usado para indicar generalmente ]

Example: Feaver was not about to be outfaced and she retaliated with the view that time management techniques run counter to the ideal balance of concern for production coupled with concern for people.

face7 = estar enfrente de, dar a, mirar a, darle la cara a, ponerse de cara a. 

Example: As an older kid and young adult I would gaze out of the train window at the row of old shops facing the train station.


» turn to + face = volver la cara hacia.

Example: Miku sighed, exasperated, as she turned to face the young man who was tugging on her shirt.

Face synonyms

look in spanish: Mira, pronunciation: lʊk part of speech: verb, noun side in spanish: lado, pronunciation: saɪd part of speech: noun present in spanish: presente, pronunciation: prezənt part of speech: adjective, noun, verb nerve in spanish: nervio, pronunciation: nɜrv part of speech: noun aspect in spanish: aspecto, pronunciation: æspekt part of speech: noun front in spanish: frente, pronunciation: frʌnt part of speech: noun expression in spanish: expresión, pronunciation: ɪkspreʃən part of speech: noun overlook in spanish: pasar por alto, pronunciation: oʊvɜrlʊk part of speech: verb brass in spanish: latón, pronunciation: bræs part of speech: noun confront in spanish: confrontar, pronunciation: kənfrʌnt part of speech: verb font in spanish: fuente, pronunciation: fɑnt part of speech: noun grimace in spanish: mueca, pronunciation: grɪməs part of speech: noun cheek in spanish: mejilla, pronunciation: tʃik part of speech: noun effrontery in spanish: descaro, pronunciation: ɪfrʌntɜri part of speech: noun fount in spanish: fuente, pronunciation: faʊnt part of speech: noun facing in spanish: frente a, pronunciation: feɪsɪŋ part of speech: noun boldness in spanish: audacia, pronunciation: boʊldnəs part of speech: noun typeface in spanish: tipo de letra, pronunciation: taɪpfeɪs part of speech: noun face up in spanish: frente, pronunciation: feɪsʌp part of speech: verb facial expression in spanish: expresión facial, pronunciation: feɪʃəlɪkspreʃən part of speech: noun look out over in spanish: mirar por encima, pronunciation: lʊkaʊtoʊvɜr part of speech: verb look across in spanish: mirar a través, pronunciation: lʊkəkrɔs part of speech: verb look out on in spanish: mirar hacia fuera en, pronunciation: lʊkaʊtɑn part of speech: verb human face in spanish: cara humana, pronunciation: hjumənfeɪs part of speech: noun

Face antonyms

back pronunciation: bæk part of speech: adverb avoid pronunciation: əvɔɪd part of speech: verb
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