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pronunciation: fɑθetɑs part of speech: adjective
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faceted [facetted, -USA] 


» faceted classification = clasificación facetada.

Example: Faceted classifications starts by examining the literature of an area of knowledge, and identifying its isolates.

» faceted classification scheme = sistema de clasificación facetado. [Sistema de clasificación que ordena los conceptos en facetas y sintetiza la notación de una materia combinando las facetas]

Example: Because CC analyses subjects according to the principles of facet analysis, it is called a faceted classification scheme.

» faceted thesaurus = tesauro facetado. [Tesauro en el que las relaciones entre los términos se establecen después de haberlos agrupado por facetas]

Example: A faceted thesaurus is a thesaurus in which the relations between terms are established after they have been regrouped by facets.

» many-faceted = multifacético, variado, variopinto.

Example: The solutions to educational problems will be necessarily complex and many-faceted.

» multifaceted [multi-faceted] = multifacético, polifacético, multifacetado, variado, variopinto.

Example: Recruitment of children's librarians is a kaleidoscopic issue involving multifaceted attempts to address a broad spectrum of problems.

Faceted antonyms

unfaceted pronunciation: ənfæsətɪd part of speech: adjective
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