Facial in spanish


pronunciation: fɑθiɑl part of speech: adjective
In gestures

facial1 = limpieza de cutis, masaje facial, mascarilla. 

Example: This is the ultimate -- a complete body exfoliation, a massage, manicure or pedicure and a facial.

facial2 = facial, de la cara. 

Example: Good looking goatees are no longer just the signature facial hairstyle for beatniks.


» facial expression = expresión facial.

Example: It has been discovered that head-nods, gaze-shifts, physical posture, and most of all facial expression, do make up in fact a patterned body-language.

» facial hair = vello facial.

Example: In many of these texts facial hair not only defines gender, but provides the distinction between men and boys.

» facial posture = expresión facial.

Example: One's facial posture can vastly affect the willingness of the patron to pose a question.

» facial surgery = cirugía facial.

Example: He was recovering from facial surgery in hospital today after a woman allegedly glassed him during a bar room brawl.

» facial wipe = toallita húmeda para la cara.

Example: Facial wipes can be great for preventing acne, because they usually contain ingredients that fight acne.

Facial synonyms

seventh cranial nerve in spanish: séptimo nervio craneal, pronunciation: sevənθkreɪnjəlnɜrv part of speech: noun facial nerve in spanish: nervio facial, pronunciation: feɪʃəlnɜrv part of speech: noun nervus facialis in spanish: nervio facial, pronunciation: nɜrvəsfɑʃəlɪs part of speech: noun
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