Fag in spanish


pronunciation: mɑɹ̩ikoʊn part of speech: noun
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fag1 = maricón, marica, homosexual. 

Example: Unfortunately, some inflammatory and offensive discourses appear over the network, including such words as 'bitch', 'fag', 'fagette', and 'dyke'.

fag2 = cigarrillo, pitillo. 

Example: The chemicals in fags can starve your hair of oxygen and make it dull, lifeless and brittle.


» a drag of a fag = una calada, una calada de un cigarrillo.

Example: Tomorrow will be 1 year smoke free, not even 1 drag of a fag.

» fag-end = en las últimas, los últimos coletazos, coletilla.

Example: Blair is accused of presiding over a 'fag-end' government, one that is rapidly running towards the end of its useful life.

» fag end = colilla, colilla de cigarrillo.

Example: But many people have said that fag ends are merely the tip of the iceberg, with chewing gum and dog muck being some of the top pet peeves.

» have + a drag of a fag = darle una calada a un cigarrillo.

Example: I've never smoked not even had a drag of a fag and never will -- people are quite surprised wen I tell them.

» have + a fag = fumarse un cigarrillo, fumarse un pitillo, echarse un cigarrillo, echarse un pitillo.

Example: Mary was a smoker and she used to sit on a bench outside her front door having a fag.

» smoke + a fag = fumarse un cigarrillo, fumarse un pitillo, echarse un cigarrillo, echarse un pitillo.

Example: All you have to do is send me a drawing of your mother smoking a fag.

» take + a drag of a fag = darle una calada a un cigarrillo.

Example: The place was full of chav single mothers pushing a buggy into my shins with one hand & taking a drag of a fag with the other.

Fag synonyms

grind in spanish: moler, pronunciation: graɪnd part of speech: verb, noun wear in spanish: vestir, pronunciation: wer part of speech: verb, noun dig in spanish: cavar, pronunciation: dɪg part of speech: verb, noun butt in spanish: extremo, pronunciation: bʌt part of speech: noun weary in spanish: cansado, pronunciation: wɪri part of speech: adjective labor in spanish: labor, pronunciation: leɪbɜr part of speech: noun fatigue in spanish: fatiga, pronunciation: fətig part of speech: noun queer in spanish: raro, pronunciation: kwɪr part of speech: adjective, noun tire in spanish: neumático, pronunciation: taɪɜr part of speech: noun toil in spanish: esfuerzo, pronunciation: tɔɪl part of speech: noun jade in spanish: jade, pronunciation: dʒeɪd part of speech: noun travail in spanish: dolores del parto, pronunciation: trəveɪl part of speech: noun labour in spanish: labor, pronunciation: leɪbaʊr part of speech: noun fairy in spanish: hada, pronunciation: feri part of speech: noun drudge in spanish: esclava, pronunciation: drʌdʒ part of speech: noun pansy in spanish: pensamiento, pronunciation: pænzi part of speech: noun moil in spanish: grave trabajo, pronunciation: mɔɪl part of speech: verb poof in spanish: maricón, pronunciation: puf part of speech: noun cigarette in spanish: cigarrillo, pronunciation: sɪgɜret part of speech: noun pouf in spanish: puff, pronunciation: puf part of speech: noun outwear in spanish: desgastar, pronunciation: aʊtwer part of speech: verb poove in spanish: poove, pronunciation: puv part of speech: noun wear out in spanish: desgastar, pronunciation: weraʊt part of speech: verb cigaret in spanish: cigarro, pronunciation: sɪgɜrət part of speech: noun wear down in spanish: desgastar, pronunciation: werdaʊn part of speech: verb tire out in spanish: cansar, pronunciation: taɪɜraʊt part of speech: verb fag out in spanish: maricón, pronunciation: fægaʊt part of speech: verb coffin nail in spanish: pitillo, pronunciation: kɔfɪnneɪl part of speech: noun wear upon in spanish: usar sobre, pronunciation: werəpɑn part of speech: verb

Fag antonyms

refresh pronunciation: rɪfreʃ part of speech: verb freshen pronunciation: freʃən part of speech: verb refreshen pronunciation: rɪfreʃən part of speech: verb
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