Failure in spanish


pronunciation: fɹ̩ɑkɑsoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

failure = fallo, error, fracaso. 

Example: DBMS systems aim to cope with system failure and generate restart procedures.


» abject failure = fracaso (más) absoluto, el.

Example: Yet one of the Pope's key initiatives stands out for its abject failure: his push for a peaceful resolution to Syria's civil war.

» blueprint for failure = fórmula para el fracaso, camino seguro al fracaso.

Example: Their culture is steeped in bitterness and nihilism, a culture that is a virtual blueprint for failure.

» complete failure = fracaso total, fracaso rotundo, fiasco total.

Example: The League of Nations was a comically ham-handed debacle which collapsed in complete failure, disgracing all who were associated with it.

» congestive heart failure = insuficiencia cardíaca congestiva.

Example: This is a video material to teach corpsmen response procedures for each of seven emergency medical conditions: angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, stroke, diabetic coma, insulin shock, and epileptic seizure.

» destined to + failure = destinado al fracaso, abocado al fracaso.

Example: The more we saw of the place the more I felt that it was destined to failure.

» doomed failure = fracaso desde el principio.

Example: It is difficult to police or control any of these activities, and attempts at legislation to do so are probably doomed failure.

» doomed to + failure = abocado al fracaso desde el principio, predestinado al fracaso desde el comienzo.

Example: Cooperation is doomed to failure unless the importance of information for solving social and economic problems is realised = La cooperación está abocada al fracaso desde el principio a menos que se tenga en cuenta la importancia de la información para solucionar problemas sociales y económicos.

» doomed to + failure from its inception = abocado al fracaso desde el principio, predestinado al fracaso desde el comienzo.

Example: The first stratagem has been doomed to failure from its inception.

» embarrassing failure = fracaso vergonzoso, fracaso bochornoso, fracaso lamentable.

Example: Others have said that the painting lacks proportion, perspective, a sense of decorum and that it has been 'an embarrassing failure'.

» failure at school = fracaso escolar.

Example: Failure at school does not mean failure in life.

» failure rate = índice de fracaso escolar, tasa de fracaso escolar, número de suspensos, porcentaje de suspensos.

Example: However, the failure rate in examinations at Sheffield does not seem to be at all high = No obstante, el número de suspensos en los exámenes de Sheffield no parece ser del todo alto.

» failure rate = número de búsquedas fallidas, número de intentos fallidos.

Example: Failure rate at the catalogue was 26.2% and user errors caused almost 2/3 of the failures = El número de búsquedas fallidas en el catálogo fue del 26,2% y los errores de los usuarios fueron la causa de casi dos tercios de los fallos.

» failure rate = número de solicitudes denegadas.

Example: The author notes the high failure rate for proposals for research projects (65 per cent) and analyzes the reasons for failure = El autor indica el gran número de solicitudes denegadas de los proyectos de investigación (65 por ciento) y analiza las razones de ello.

» failure to comply with the law = incumplimiento de la ley.

Example: Thanks to his dodgings, half-truths and failure to comply with the law, he squandered a big victory as the city's first elected official of Haitian descent.

» failure to + Infinitivo = no + Infinitivo.

Example: This article provides examples to illustrate why librarians are partly to blame through their indifference, complacency and failure to prosecute.

» fear of failure = miedo al fracaso, temor al fracaso.

Example: These women have many things in common but the one that stood out the most was them overcoming their fear of failure.

» heart failure = insuficiencia cardíaca, fallo cardíaco.

Example: The range of medical emergencies can include heart failure, airway blockage, epileptic fits, lacerations and other types of serious injury.

» kidney failure = fracaso renal, insuficiencia renal.

Example: Kidney failure is a serious disease which can have a major impact on life, and can ultimately be fatal.

» litter with + failure = plagar de errores.

Example: Only as his experience grew did this young man see that what he did was littered as much, if not more, with failure as it was crowned with success of a lasting kind.

» machine failure = fallo mecánico.

Example: Supplement 1 contains a list of machine failures = El suplemento 1 contiene una lista de fallos mecánicos.

» meet with + failure = fracasar.

Example: However, many attempts to actively involve the community in reducing its risks of becoming ill have met with failure.

» miserable failure = fracaso miserable.

Example: The history of networking technology is full of great triumphs and miserable failures.

» odds of failure = probabilidades de fracaso, posibilidades de fracaso.

Example: The higher the perceived odds of failure, the more people will be scared away.

» omission failure = error por omisión.

Example: There are plenty of omission failures of this sort, and they litter most of the Hennepin County Library Cataloging Bulletins.

» power failure = corte de corriente, corte de luz, corte en el fluido eléctrico, corte de la corriente eléctrica.

Example: Mechanical breakdown or power failure may affect the smooth running of the system but they do not constitute disaster.

» prove + a failure = ser un fracaso.

Example: Personnel policies instituted to combat absenteeism have generally proved a failure, because those measures attack the symptoms, not the cause.

» rectify + failure = rectificar un error.

Example: To rectify failures, the librarian has two choices.

» renal failure = insuficiencia renal.

Example: Renal failure typically causes nausea and vomiting, along with other symptoms that depend on the stage.

» resounding failure = fracaso rotundo, fracaso total.

Example: How well it is done ulitmately represents the difference between conspicuous success and resounding failure.

» school failure = fracaso escolar.

Example: Irvine claims that black children are subject to school failure because of their culture, race, and social class.

» signify + failure = significar fracaso.

Example: This need cuts across all social classes and grows out of normal life; it does not signify failure in coping with life.

» spell + failure = significar el fracaso, traer consigo el fracaso, traer el fracaso.

Example: The decisions to be made and the plans to be developed do not necessarily represent crisis or even spell success or failure for the library.

» successes and failures = éxitos y fracasos.

Example: This article identifies system suppliers, currently active in the UK, and details their successes and failures over a 3 year period.

» successes or failures = éxitos o fracasos.

Example: A questionnaire was developed and circulated to solicit information on current documentation, programmes, notable events, and successes or failures.

Failure synonyms

loser in spanish: perdedor, pronunciation: luzɜr part of speech: noun nonstarter in spanish: nonstarter, pronunciation: nɑnstɑrtɜr part of speech: noun unsuccessful person in spanish: persona fracasada, pronunciation: ənsəksesfəlpɜrsən part of speech: noun

Failure antonyms

success pronunciation: səkses part of speech: noun winner pronunciation: wɪnɜr part of speech: noun achiever pronunciation: ətʃivɜr part of speech: noun
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