Fainting in spanish


pronunciation: desmɑioʊ part of speech: verb, adjective
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faint2 = desmayarse, desfallecer, perder el sentido, sufrir un desmayo. 

Example: The article 'Reeling and writhing and fainting' outlines the problems encountered by illustrators of books.


» nearly + faint = casi + desmayarse. [Utilizado para expresar sorpresa]

Example: The woman picked up the baby's body and she nearly fainted when she heard the baby making small, painful cries.

fainting = desmayo, pérdida del conocimiento, pérdida del sentido. 

Example: The symptoms of agoraphobia, a condition in which an individual fears entering public areas, include fears of leaving home, fainting, entering open and closed spaces, shopping, entering social situations, and traveling far from home.


» fainting fit = desmayo, pérdida del conocimiento, pérdida del sentido.

Example: Representations of phenomena particularly important to melodrama are examined, such as love, farewells, deaths, tears, and fainting fits.
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