Fail in spanish


pronunciation: fɑjɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

fail1 = suspenso. 

Example: Weekly quizzes are graded on a pass/fail basis, and they are worth 20% of your grade.

fail2 = fracasar, fallar. 

Example: This article suggests the steps that libraries might take during periods of instability to reduce their chances of being injured by a vendor that fails.


» fail + dismally = fracasar miserablemente, fracasar de manera lamentable.

Example: The essays in this volume fail dismally to contribute anything of value to our understanding of the topic.

» fail in + Posesivo + attempt(s) = fracasar en + Posesivo + intento, fracasar en el intento, dar en hueso, pinchar en hueso.

Example: Thus far she's failed in her attempts to amend the constitution, which bars her from standing for president because her children are citizens of another country.

» fail + miserably = fracasar miserablemente, fracasar de manera lamentable.

Example: However, in retrospect, the U.S. government's goal of eradicating Native American cultures failed miserably.

» fail out of = fracasar por, fracasar debido a.

Example: Generally speaking, however, what can paralyze some people is fear, creating the potential to fail out of sheer funk.

» fail + Posesivo + duty = descuidar las obligaciones de uno.

Example: If he attempts to deal with a query about China without first ensuring that it is the country and not the porcelain that is meant he is failing his duty.

» fail-safe = infalible, a prueba de fallos.

Example: The technical safeguards available are not fail-safe.

» fail to + Infinitivo = no + Indicativo, no poder + Indicativo.

Example: Shelf arrangement fails to permit a document to be represented at more than one place in a sequence.

» if (my) memory doesn't fail me = si no me falla la memoria.

Example: If my memory doesn't fail me, I think I used 2 tablespoons of the dried herb to 4 cups of boiling water which I allowed to steep for 30 minutes.

» light + fail = desvanecerse la luz, anochecer, atardecer.

Example: When the light began to fail she turned on a lamp next to the couch and continued the conversation with herself.

» without fail = sin falta, sin fallar, sin excepción, mecánicamente, automáticamente.

Example: Without fail, every time the roosters crowed in the morning, the sun rose afterwards.

fail3 = decepcionar. 

Example: Thus our catalogs have largely failed our readers in the important function of revealing what editions and translations of a particular work the library had.

fail4 = suspender, dar calabazas. 

Example: These courses give the student who has failed a second chance to make new start.


» fail + an exam(ination) = suspender un examen.

Example: Not only did he fail the exam, but he managed to look like a douchebag too.

» fail grade = suspenso.

Example: Students absent from exams will automatically get a fail grade.

Fail synonyms

go in spanish: ir, pronunciation: goʊ part of speech: verb break in spanish: descanso, pronunciation: breɪk part of speech: verb, noun bomb in spanish: bomba, pronunciation: bɑm part of speech: noun die in spanish: morir, pronunciation: daɪ part of speech: verb, noun neglect in spanish: negligencia, pronunciation: nəglekt part of speech: noun, verb betray in spanish: traicionar, pronunciation: bɪtreɪ part of speech: verb break down in spanish: Descompostura, pronunciation: breɪkdaʊn part of speech: verb flunk in spanish: suspender, pronunciation: flʌŋk part of speech: verb run out in spanish: sin, pronunciation: rʌnaʊt part of speech: verb give out in spanish: repartir, pronunciation: gɪvaʊt part of speech: verb give way in spanish: Ceder el paso, pronunciation: gɪvweɪ part of speech: verb miscarry in spanish: fracasar, pronunciation: mɪskæri part of speech: verb conk out in spanish: escoñarse, pronunciation: kɑŋkaʊt part of speech: verb go wrong in spanish: ir mal, pronunciation: goʊrɔŋ part of speech: verb flush it in spanish: tirar de la cadena, pronunciation: flʌʃɪt part of speech: verb

Fail antonyms

pass pronunciation: pæs part of speech: verb, noun manage pronunciation: mænədʒ part of speech: verb nail pronunciation: neɪl part of speech: noun succeed pronunciation: səksid part of speech: verb pull off pronunciation: pʊlɔf part of speech: verb come through pronunciation: kʌmθru part of speech: verb make it pronunciation: meɪkɪt part of speech: verb carry off pronunciation: kæriɔf part of speech: verb bring off pronunciation: brɪŋɔf part of speech: verb
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