Habitual in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbituɑl part of speech: adjective
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habitual = habitual, acostumbrado, regular, empedernido, consabido. 

Example: A new study confirms that male gender, obesity, and weight gain are key determinants of habitual snoring in the adult population.


» habitual drinker = bebedor habitual.

Example: Though the condition is not common in occasional drinkers, habitual drinkers may develop withdrawal symptoms, when they attempt to stop drinking alcohol.

» habitual smoker = fumador habitual.

Example: Now, I want to pause for a moment to make a distinction between the habitual smoker (addict) and the occasional smoker (the guy who has a couple cigars per year, or smokes a pipe once in a blue moon).

Habitual synonyms

chronic in spanish: crónico, pronunciation: krɑnɪk part of speech: adjective inveterate in spanish: empedernido, pronunciation: ɪnvetɜrət part of speech: adjective established in spanish: establecido, pronunciation: ɪstæblɪʃt part of speech: adjective usual in spanish: usual, pronunciation: juʒəwəl part of speech: adjective accustomed in spanish: acostumbrado, pronunciation: əkʌstəmd part of speech: adjective customary in spanish: acostumbrado, pronunciation: kʌstəmeri part of speech: adjective addicted in spanish: fanático, pronunciation: ədɪktəd part of speech: adjective confirmed in spanish: confirmado, pronunciation: kənfɜrmd part of speech: adjective wonted in spanish: acostumbrado, pronunciation: wʌntɪd part of speech: adjective, verb
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