Jab in spanish


pronunciation: pintʃɑθoʊ part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

jab1 = pinchazo, codazo. 

Example: I've been doing this the whole week and today for the first time I felt a jab of pain in my chest once while nearing the 5th floor.

jab2 = inyección. 

Example: Scientist urges human papillomavirus jabs for boys to stem oral cancer rise.


» flu jab = vacuna contra la gripe, vacuna antigripal.

Example: This year's flu jabs are unlikely to protect patients from the main strain which has dominated other parts of the world because of virus mutations.

» have + a/the flu jab = vacunarse contra la gripe.

Example: Yes, it's fine to have the flu jab while you are taking a course of antibiotics, provided you are not ill with fever.

jab3 = crítica, ataque. 

Example: Obama's quick jabs at Romney are a brief preview of what will come if Romney wins the Republican presidential nomination.

jab4 = golpe corto. [Término del boxeo]

Example: Learn about the 5 basics types of jabs in boxing.

jab5 = pinchar, punzar. 

Example: Six women have been jabbed in the buttocks with a sharp object by an attacker in Manhattan in the past two months, police report.

jab6 = señalar. 

Example: One wizen old crone, however, jabbed her walking stick in his direction and told him to shut his gob.

Jab synonyms

dig in spanish: cavar, pronunciation: dɪg part of speech: verb, noun thrust in spanish: empuje, pronunciation: θrʌst part of speech: noun, verb poke in spanish: meter, pronunciation: poʊk part of speech: verb, noun prod in spanish: pinchar, pronunciation: prɑd part of speech: noun, verb stab in spanish: puñalada, pronunciation: stæb part of speech: noun, verb poking in spanish: hurgando, pronunciation: poʊkɪŋ part of speech: noun thrusting in spanish: empujando, pronunciation: θrʌstɪŋ part of speech: noun jabbing in spanish: pinchar, pronunciation: dʒæbɪŋ part of speech: noun
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