Jacking in spanish


pronunciation: xɑkking part of speech: verb, noun
In gestures

jack3 = alzar con gato, levantar con gato. 

Example: The building was nine inches off plumb and was jacked back into position incrementally over a period of one year.


» carjack = arrebatar el coche. [Cuando el conductor está dentro de él o dispuesto a usarlo]

Example: Follow these tips to help reduce your chances of being carjacked.

» hijack = secuestrar, usurpar, confiscar, absorber.

Example: Information may have been hijacked as the province of computer operators rather than librarians.

» jack off = masturbarse.

Example: The exhilaration vanished like seeking ecstasy's memory an instant after jacking off and encountering only shame and guilt.

» jack up = alzar con gato, levantar con gato.

Example: Never go underneath your car when it is jacked up unless it is also properly supported on axle stands.

» jack up = aumentar, incrementar, subir.

Example: Pakistan's government jacked up defence spending in a new budget Friday that set a deficit of four per cent of GDP.

» jack up + the price = subir el precio, aumentar el precio.

Example: To that end, Marriott has announced its room rates will include everything up front; no hidden taxes or fees to jack up the price at the end of your stay.
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