Jack in spanish


pronunciation: xɑkk part of speech: noun
In gestures

jack1 = clavija para el teléfono. 

Example: Any library allowing staff members to work hours during which the switchboard is not in operation should arrange to have the switchboard operators plug the reference phone into an outgoing jack when they close.


» car jack = gato, gato del coche.

Example: All of the 13 people killed in accidents involving car jacks were males aged between 30 and 89.

» horse-eye jack = jurel, chicharro.

Example: Horse-eye jacks are found in open water and occasionally they will travel up coastal streams and rivers when young.

» hydraulic jack = gato hidráulico.

Example: The thieves broke into the museum using a hydraulic jack and snatched both paintings in 3 minutes.

» jack hammer = martillo neumático, taladro neumático, compresor neumático, taladrador .

Example: Then, jack hammers will be used to remove the concrete and precast concrete beams will be installed.

» jackknife = navaja.

Example: Two men -- one allegedly armed with a wooden club, the other with a jackknife -- were arrested early yesterday morning on assault and battery.

» jack of all trades = manitas, mañoso, habilidoso, comodín.

Example: Jacks of all trades are curious by nature: they try to see things through the eyes of others and are only limited by their own ability.

» jack of all trades, master of none = el que mucho abarca poco aprieta, quien mucho abarca poco aprieta, saber un poco de todo y mucho de nada.

Example: In their greed to cram everything but the kitchen sink into the courses, what they end up producing is graduates who are jacks of all trades but masters of none.

» jack-o'-lantern = farol de calabaza.

Example: The writer discusses how Jack-o'-Lanterns and Will-o'-the-Wisps got their name.

» jack-o'-lantern = fuego fatuo.

Example: The will-o'-the-wisp, phenomenon known also as ignis fatuus and jack-o'-lantern, is seen at night as a pale, flickering light over marshland.

» jumping jack = ejercicio físico consistente en saltar sin desplazarse abriendo y cerrando las piernas y juntando y separando los brazos y manos sobre la cabeza.

Example: Appropriate for both regular and special classes, activities include arm wrestling, ball games, and jumping jacks.

» lumberjack = leñador.

Example: News of boundless timber reserves spread, and before long lumberjacks from the thinning hardwood forests of New England swarmed into the uncharted area with no other possessions than their axes and brawn and the clothing they wore.

» telephone jack = clavija para el teléfono.

Example: You know many libraries have had telephone jacks at the end of the catalog cases and reference people were running around, except they didn't do it very much.

» Union Jack, the = bandera del Reino Unido, la.

Example: Bare, drably painted walls are adorned with Union Jacks and posters of Oasis and other icons of the era.

jack2 = sota. [En los juegos de cartas]

Example: Everyone who's played a game of cards recognizes the jack.

jack3 = alzar con gato, levantar con gato. 

Example: The building was nine inches off plumb and was jacked back into position incrementally over a period of one year.


» carjack = arrebatar el coche. [Cuando el conductor está dentro de él o dispuesto a usarlo]

Example: Follow these tips to help reduce your chances of being carjacked.

» hijack = secuestrar, usurpar, confiscar, absorber.

Example: Information may have been hijacked as the province of computer operators rather than librarians.

» jack off = masturbarse.

Example: The exhilaration vanished like seeking ecstasy's memory an instant after jacking off and encountering only shame and guilt.

» jack up = alzar con gato, levantar con gato.

Example: Never go underneath your car when it is jacked up unless it is also properly supported on axle stands.

» jack up = aumentar, incrementar, subir.

Example: Pakistan's government jacked up defence spending in a new budget Friday that set a deficit of four per cent of GDP.

» jack up + the price = subir el precio, aumentar el precio.

Example: To that end, Marriott has announced its room rates will include everything up front; no hidden taxes or fees to jack up the price at the end of your stay.

jack4 [Prefijo usado con ciertas especies de animales para referirse al macho]


» jackass = asno, burro, borrico, borriquilla. [Usado para el macho del animal. Ver además jack como prefijo para otros usos]

Example: That lowdown scoundrel deserves to be kicked to death by a jackass.

» jackrabbit = liebre.

Example: Thus the brown hare, the blue hare, the Arctic hare, and the jackrabbit are all species of the genus Leporidae.

Jack synonyms

knave in spanish: bribón, pronunciation: neɪv part of speech: noun jackass in spanish: burro, pronunciation: dʒækæs part of speech: noun jackfruit in spanish: jackfruit, pronunciation: dʒækfrut part of speech: noun jacklight in spanish: linterna, pronunciation: dʒæklaɪt part of speech: noun jack up in spanish: aumentar, pronunciation: dʒækʌp part of speech: verb jak in spanish: jak, pronunciation: dʒæk part of speech: noun
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