Jam in spanish


pronunciation: meɹ̩melɑdɑ part of speech: noun
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jam1 = mermelada. 

Example: Can you wonder that it should carry such deposits of jam, egg, butter, coffee and personal dirt?.


» apricot jam = mermelada de albaricoque.

Example: I've always been a fan of putting jam on my grilled cheese on toast (I think it's best with a chunky homemade apricot or blackberry jam).

» blackberry jam = mermelada de zarzamora.

Example: I've always been a fan of putting jam on my grilled cheese on toast (I think it's best with a chunky homemade apricot or blackberry jam).

» jam butty = bocadillo de mermelada.

Example: He's a guy who has lived on jam butties for his main meal every single day .

» jam jar = tarro de mermelada, frasco de mermelada.

Example: An old cartwheel suspended from the ceiling is hung with jam jars in which there are tiny candles.

» money for jam = dinero regalado.

Example: During the latter part of his life, while talking to reporters, it is believed that he said 'The margins were small but it was money for jam'.

» peach jam = mermelada de melocotón.

Example: The importance of pectin in food is its ability to form the gels that are the basis fruit preserves such as orange marmalade, peach jam, and quince jelly.

» Pronombre + want + jam on it (as well/too) = y encima + querer + que + Pronombre + besar + el culo.

Example: I dont know, people want jam on it these days -- I think she should get a life: if she cannot put up with the bloody phone ringing, why have a phone?.

jam2 = atasco, atolladero, embotellamiento. 

Example: Plus, being at the mercy of train signals and jams on the roads is not my idea of a good start to the day.


» get into + a jam = meterse en un aprieto, meterse en apuros, meterse en problemas, meterse en follones, meterse en líos, meterse en belenes, meterse en camisa de once varas.

Example: I believe firmly in the axiom that getting into a jam from time to time brings out the best in us.

» jam-packed (with) = abarrotado (de), hasta los topes (de), atiborrado (de), atestado (de), a reventar (de), a rebosar (de), repleto (de), lleno (de), petado (de).

Example: This week is looking to be quite a jam packed, event-filled, extravaganza!.

» logjam [log-jam] = escollos, atascos, obstáculos, atolladero. [Tiene su origen en los atascos de troncos en su descenso por los ríos]

Example: In this section, we're going to discuss strategies you can use to break up some of the political logjams that might be hindering your IT projects.

» paper jam = atasco de papel.

Example: One of his many responsibilities is to assist with the use of photocopiers and printers, replenish them when necessary, and deal with paper jams.

» traffic jam = embotellamiento, atasco, congestión.

Example: Compressed image formats such as BMP, DIB, TIFF, GIF and JPEG, have been designed to reduce traffic jams on the information highway.

jam3 = atestar, atascar, bloquear, atorar, atrancar. 

Example: In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, New York, on 11th September 2001, the main World Wide Web based news Web sites were jammed by users seeking information.


» jam + Posesivo + finger in the door = pillarse el dedo en la puerta.

Example: She jammed her finger in the door and went out cold for about 1 minute.

Jam synonyms

block in spanish: bloquear, pronunciation: blɑk part of speech: noun hole in spanish: agujero, pronunciation: hoʊl part of speech: noun press in spanish: prensa, pronunciation: pres part of speech: noun pack in spanish: paquete, pronunciation: pæk part of speech: noun, verb fix in spanish: fijar, pronunciation: fɪks part of speech: verb, noun stuff in spanish: cosas, pronunciation: stʌf part of speech: noun crush in spanish: aplastar, pronunciation: krʌʃ part of speech: verb, noun ram in spanish: RAM, pronunciation: ræm part of speech: noun impede in spanish: impedir, pronunciation: ɪmpid part of speech: verb mess in spanish: lío, pronunciation: mes part of speech: noun pile in spanish: pila, pronunciation: paɪl part of speech: noun fill in spanish: llenar, pronunciation: fɪl part of speech: verb pickle in spanish: conservar en vinagre, pronunciation: pɪkəl part of speech: noun mob in spanish: multitud, pronunciation: mɑb part of speech: noun cram in spanish: atestar, pronunciation: kræm part of speech: verb throng in spanish: multitud, pronunciation: θrɔŋ part of speech: noun muddle in spanish: confusión, pronunciation: mʌdəl part of speech: noun, verb wad in spanish: taco, pronunciation: wɑd part of speech: noun obstruct in spanish: obstruir, pronunciation: əbstrʌkt part of speech: verb occlude in spanish: ocluir, pronunciation: əklud part of speech: verb jamming in spanish: interferencia, pronunciation: dʒæmɪŋ part of speech: noun close up in spanish: de cerca, pronunciation: kloʊsʌp part of speech: verb, adverb fill up in spanish: llena, pronunciation: fɪlʌp part of speech: verb kettle of fish in spanish: costal, pronunciation: ketəlʌvfɪʃ part of speech: noun jampack in spanish: jampack, pronunciation: dʒæmpæk part of speech: verb chock up in spanish: juntarse, pronunciation: tʃɑkʌp part of speech: verb electronic jamming in spanish: atasco electrónico, pronunciation: ɪlektrɑnɪkdʒæmɪŋ part of speech: noun

Jam antonyms

free pronunciation: fri part of speech: adjective disengage pronunciation: dɪsɪngeɪdʒ part of speech: verb
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