Javelin in spanish


pronunciation: xɑbɑlinɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

javelin = jabalina. 

Example: They were equipped with the standard fare of assault troops, large round shields and javelins.


» javelin champion = campeón de jabalina, campeón de lanzamiento de jabalina.

Example: In India, a woman javelin champion, who has won laurels at the national level, was 'tortured' for allegedly practising witchcraft.

» javelin throw = lanzamiento de jabalina.

Example: She was the runner-up in the discus throw and the javelin throw.

» javelin thrower = lanzador de jabalina.

Example: For a javelin thrower, I have always been too short and too slow, yet I have competed in two Olympics.

» javelin throwing = lanzamiento de jabalina.

Example: The plain fact is that javelin throwing by itself is too destructive to the body to allow an endless amount of throws.
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