Kerb in spanish


pronunciation: boʊɹ̩dijoʊ part of speech: noun
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kerb [curb, -USA] = bordillo, bordillo de la acera. 

Example: Do not load or unload where there are yellow markings on the kerb.


» kerb-crawler [curb-crawler, -USA] = conductor que busca los servicios de una prostituta.

Example: Kerb-crawlers could be banned from driving under changes to new prostitution laws announced today.

» kerb-crawling [curb-crawling, -USA] = solicitar los servicios de una prostituta desde el coche.

Example: Police are warning motorists of a crackdown on kerb-crawling once new prostitution laws come into effect.

» kerbside [curbside, -USA] = en la acera, al filo de la acera.

Example: These boxes should be placed out on the kerbside by 8am on collection days.

Kerb synonyms

curb in spanish: bordillo, pronunciation: kɜrb part of speech: noun, verb
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