Kept in spanish


pronunciation: mɑntenidoʊ part of speech: adjective
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keep2 = almacenar, guardar, custodiar, mantener. [Verbo irregular: pasado y participio kept]

Example: Guard book or scrapbook type arrangement, with possibly a loose-leaf format, is suitable for organising and keeping cuttings, letters and other small items.


» an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay = a diario una manzana es cosa sana.

Example: Science has proven that the saying 'An apple a day, keeps the doctor at bay' has validity.

» an apple a day keeps the doctor away = a diario una manzana es cosa sana.

Example: This famous line an apple a day keeps the doctor away is proven to be true because of its the many health benefits of apples.

» eat + Comida + to keep + Nombre + going = comer Algo para matar el gusanillo.

Example: Young children need to eat small amounts every three hours to get enough energy to keep them going.

» if you keep your mouth shut, you won't put your foot in it = en boca cerrada no entran moscas.

Example: But a wise man once said: 'If you keep your mouth shut, you won't put your foot in it'.

» keep + a balance = mantener un equilibrio.

Example: At present, the information brokers have also to keep a balance between being too specialised or too superficial in their work.

» keep + a beady eye on = no perder de vista.

Example: We have simply been behaving as monopolies customarily do -- shelving avoidable innovations, ducking investment risk wherever possible and keeping a beady eye on our own convenience rather than the users.

» keep + abreast of = mantenerse al corriente de, mantenerse al día de, mantenerse informado de, mantenerse actualizado de.

Example: These are designed to include the main points of interest on any issue to the general reader who wishes to keep abreast of current events without having to refer to any further documentation.

» keep + a (close) watch (upon/on/over) = no perder de vista, vigilar, echar un ojo, estar pendiente de, prestar atención a, estar al tanto de, seguir de cerca.

Example: One of the best ways to keep children safe is to keep a close watch on them at all times.

» keep + a conversation going = mantener una conversación.

Example: My mum and I cannot keep a conversation going about a subject I bring up without her getting her back up and starting to have a go at me = Mi mamá y yo no podemos mantener una conversación sobre cualquier tema que yo saque a colación sin que se exaspere y comience a arremeter contra mí.

» keep + a cool head = mantener la cabeza fría, mantener la serenidad, mantener la calma, mantener la compostura, no perder la compostura, no perder la calma, no precipitarse, no perder la cabeza, tomarse las cosas con calma, tomárselo con calma, mantenerse en calma, mantenerse sereno.

Example: To be a successful crane driver, you must have self-control and be able to keep a cool head in critical situations.

» keep + a deadline = cumplir (con) un plazo.

Example: Then there are personalities who can never keep a deadline and live in a time dimension of ever-melting horizons = Y, además, existen aquellos que nunca pueden cumplir un plazo y vivien en una dimensión temporal de horizontes en continuo deshielo.

» keep + a diary = llevar un diario de trabajo.

Example: Sometimes it is wise for the rater to base judgment on written notes or a diary kept over a period of time.

» keep + a finger on the pulse of = mantenerse al tanto de, mantenerse al día de.

Example: Further, routine introduction of data into the planning process can help managers keep a finger on the pulse of change = Además, la introducción regular de información en el proceso de planificación puede ayudar a los responsables a mantenerse al día.

» keep ahead = conservar la delantera, mantener la delantera, mantenerse al frente, mantenerse por delante, seguir por delante, continuar por delante.

Example: They are scrambling to invest in port infrastructure to keep ahead of expected growth .

» keep + a low profile = tratar de pasar desapercibido, tratar de pasar inadvertido, tratar de no llamar la atención.

Example: The author outlines reasons why librarians have in the past kept a low profile in similar situations.

» keep + a(n) close eye on = no perder de vista, vigilar, echar un ojo, estar pendiente de, prestar atención a, estar al tanto de, seguir de cerca.

Example: Instructors have to keep an eye always on the clock to ensure time does not run out before the essence of the case has been extracted.

» keep + an ear out for = estar pendiente de, estar al tanto de, estar atento a, estar alerta ante, prestar atención a, tener cuidado con.

Example: These are people who set up telescopes in city lots and observe with blankets draped over their heads to block streetlights, while keeping an ear out for muggers.

» keep + an eye open = estar pendiente de, estar al tanto de, estar atento a, estar alerta ante, prestar atención a, tener cuidado con.

Example: The assistant in charge of a section will see that their bit is kept tidy and will keep an eye open for thieves = El auxiliar responsable de una sección se encargará de mantener su área ordenada y estará atento a los ladrones.

» keep + an eye out for = estar pendiente de, estar al tanto de, estar atento a, estar alerta ante, prestar atención a, tener cuidado con.

Example: Nurses must also keep an eye out for any patients developing a crush, as failing to recognise attraction of a sexual nature is also considered sexual misconduct .

» keep + Animal + on a lead = llevar a + Animal + de la correa, llevar a + Animal + de la traílla, mantener controlado, mantener bajo control.

Example: However, dogs must be kept on a lead in designated pedestrian zones and on land where livestock is present.

» keep + Animal + on a leash = llevar a + Animal + de la correa, llevar a + Animal + de la traílla, mantener controlado, mantener bajo control.

Example: If you're going to have a pet, keep it on a leash.

» keep + an open mind = tener una mente abierta.

Example: If you are inclined to dismiss that suggestion out of hand, I would recommend that you explore the financial costs and the cultural costs of the alternatives and keep an open mind.

» keep apart = mantener separado.

Example: Overall, romantic fiction novels are still kept apart from conventional novels.

» keep + a rein on = mantener bajo control, controlar.

Example: Cases keep discussion grounded on certain persistent facts that must be faced, and keep a realistic rein on airy flights of academic speculation.

» keep + a safe distance = mantener una distancia prudente, guardar una distancia prudente.

Example: However, keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and another is an important skill to practice year round.

» keep + a safety distance = mantener una distancia de seguridad, guardar una distancia de seguridad.

Example: Who is responsible for keeping a safety distance from the front, rear and sides while riding a motorcycle amongst other vehicle?.

» keep + a secret = guardar un secreto.

Example: The article carries the title 'Telecommunications perspectives: `keeping a secret; encryption revisited (or, are we throwing the baby out with the bath water?)'.

» keep + Nombre + a secret from = ocultar Algo a.

Example: To work as a librarian is so terribly respectable that young lady trainees at library school have been known to try to keep their specialism a secret from young men so as not to prejudice their chances of acquiring boyfriends.

» keep + a step ahead of = mantenerse un paso por delante de.

Example: But even keeping a step ahead of data decay and software obsolescence is no guarantee of escaping the problem.

» keep + a step in front of = mantenerse un paso por delante de.

Example: Trying to keep a step in front of the competition is the simplest way to maintain your company flourishing.

» keep + a stiff upper lip = guardar la compostura, mantenerse compuesto, mantenerse impasible, mantener el tipo, no sucumbir ante las emociones, no inmutarse, sacar pecho, aguantar el tipo, hacer de tripas corazón.

Example: Keeping a stiff upper lip during an emotional event can impair your memory, research suggests.

» keep + a straight face = mantenerse serio, mantener la cara seria, contener la risa, aguantar la risa, guardar la compostura, mantener el tipo.

Example: The object of this game is to keep a straight face while the other players try to make you laugh.

» keep at = continuar con, seguir con, continuar haciendo, seguir haciendo.

Example: Then she just kept at it, like a jazz improvisation, making it up as she went along.

» keep + a tight hold on = sujetar fuertemente, no soltar, controlar, dominar.

Example: A study of telly-addicts has found that in 45 per cent of homes mums keep a tight hold on the remote control.

» keep + a (tight) lid on = mantener en secreto, mantener oculto, guardar en secreto.

Example: Thankfully they'd been able to keep a tight lid on the execution date, for fear of too many rubbernecks hanging around the prison.

» keep + a (tight) lid on = controlar, refrenar, contener.

Example: A visit from her maternal grandmother had left her greatly distressed but the therapist noted that she was keeping a tight lid on her emotions.

» keep + a title = retener un título, mantener un título.

Example: To win this race and keep the title was a major goal for us.

» keep + a vigil on = velar por.

Example: One member of the library staff may act as stock editor and it will be his or her task to keep a constant vigil on the stock.

» keep + a watchful eye = vigilar atentamente, vigilar Algo muy de cerca.

Example: The article 'Keeping a watchful eye' examines the part public librarians can play in protecting children from abuse.

» keep + bad company = mantener mala compañía.

Example: In other words, keeping bad company will eventually ruin your life.

» keep before = mantener presente.

Example: What we need to be able to do is to understand as exactly as possible what each area of study keeps before it as its objective.

» keep + busy = mantener ocupado.

Example: The process is now slow, but someone may speed it up, and it has no grain difficulties such as now keep photographic researchers busy.

» keep-busy = para mantener(se) ocupado.

Example: The assistant's position frequently degenerates into a 'catch-all' position, with the assistant ending up with a number of miscellaneous odd-jobs (sometimes 'keep-busy' type jobs, well below his or her capabilities).

» keep + clear of = mantener despejado.

Example: This entrance must be kept clear of all obstruction.

» keep + clear (of) = mantenerse alejado (de), no acercarse (a), mantenerse lejos (de), eludir, esquivar, dar (el) esquinazo (a), evitar, evitar el encuentro (con), rehuir.

Example: Residents are being advised to keep clear of seal pups if they find them on the beach or run the risk of committing an offence.

» keep + close tabs on = controlar muy de cerca, seguir muy de cerca, estar muy pendiente de, vigilar de cerca.

Example: Police busted the group after keeping close tabs on their activities.

» keep + coming = continuar, seguir, no cesar, no parar.

Example: Hours and hours passed, ducking for cover every few minutes as the rains kept coming.

» keep + confidential = guardar en secreto, mantener en secreto.

Example: Provided that passwords are kept confidential -- and it is also a good policy to change them regularly -- this may be sufficient.

» keep + costs down = abaratar costes.

Example: Standard components can be manufactured in vast quantities, keeping costs down.

» keep + count of = llevar la cuenta de, contar.

Example: It's also important to keep count of the puppies and placentas, because the afterbirth does not always come out with the puppy.

» keep + current = mantenerse al corriente, mantenerse al día, mantenerse informado.

Example: All librarians working in public service positions should keep current in world affairs and special areas of interest in their library.

» keep + discussion + grounded on = limitar el debate a.

Example: Cases keep discussion grounded on certain persistent facts that must be faced, and keep a realistic rein on airy flights of academic speculation.

» keep down + Nombre = controlar, reducir.

Example: Activities such as gardening or cookery are dealt with in many books in ways which go far beyond the simple keeping down of weeds or just filling empty stomachs.

» keep-fit = mantenimiento físico.

Example: However, although there had been an increase in numbers attending adult learning classes, the majority of uptake was in keep-fit activities.

» keep + fit = mantenerse en buen estado físico, mantenerse en forma.

Example: The main thing to remember is that keeping fit is not a fad, it's important for your health and happiness your whole lifelong.

» keep for + Reflexivo = guardarse.

Example: The clicker paid each man according to what he had set, keeping for himself a share equal to that of the most productive hand.

» keep + free of = mantener libre de.

Example: It is possible to buy disk cleaning kits which, used as instructed, will ensure that the reading head is kept free of contaminants which could cause data loss.

» keep from = evitar que, impedir que.

Example: Even substantial rises in the grants from universities to their libraries cannot even keep the library from standing still.

» keep + Gerundio = continuar + Gerundio.

Example: It was interesting to hear how often a very diverse group of people kept coming back to the question of standards against which objectives and aims for services might be gauged.

» keep + going = continuar, continuar realizando una actividad, sacar adelante.

Example: This article presents ideas which will help the librarian to keep going in the face of budget cuts.

» keep + good company = mantener buena compañía.

Example: The effects of keeping good company will have a positive impact on your life.

» keep + hush hush = mantener en secreto, guardar en secreto.

Example: There is a back door to Yahoo that has been kept hush hush until recently.

» keep in + focus = tener presente, concentrar la atención sobre.

Example: We will not disserve readers by instructing them through our subject headings in nonbiased terminology; we will, in fact, be keeping all of our readers in focus.

» keep in + line with = mantenerse en línea con.

Example: However, it is one of the penalties we have to pay if we want to keep our arrangement in line with current thinking.

» keep in + reserve = guardar en reserva, mantener en reserva, reservar, apartar.

Example: The notation employed by the Library of Congress scheme is based on letters of the alphabet, twenty-one of which have been used and five kept in reserve for further expansion.

» keep in + sight = no perder de vista.

Example: The difference between unnecessary and justifiable delays must be kept in sight.

» keep in + step = mantener sincronizado, mantener en sintonía.

Example: Synchronous transmission is a more efficient technique than asynchronous but requires more sophisticated timing equipment to ensure that the transmitting and receiving devices are kept in step.

» keep in + step with = mantenerse al día de, mantenerse al tanto de.

Example: The model needs good adaptability and scalability to keep in step with the rapidly developing World Wide Web.

» keep in + sync = mantenerse en sincronía, mantenerse al tanto de.

Example: The librarians have the capabilities to morph sucessfully to keep in sync, so to speak, with the new technologies.

» keep in + touch with = mantenerse en contacto (con), seguir en contacto (con).

Example: Through listening to nursery rhymes and folk stories children are kept in touch with the pleasures that will come as soon as they have achieved a modicum of skill.

» keep it all in = no expresar los sentimientos, no expresar lo que se siente.

Example: I tried to keep it all in but sometimes keeping things all bottled up inside is not that good especially if things had been building up for so long.

» keep it + a secret = mantener en secreto, guardar en secreto.

Example: How the shit did she keep it a secret for 5 months?.

» keep it + rolling = mantener las cosas funcionando, mantener las cosas en marcha, mantener las cosas en movimiento.

Example: I think that they can keep it rolling no matter who is in charge.

» keep it together = mantener la compostura, no perder la compostura, mantener la serenidad, mantener la calma, no perder la calma, no perder la cabeza, mantenerse en calma, mantenerse sereno.

Example: In the aftermath, I was quietly sitting at my desk trying to keep it together, but then my hands started shaking, my breathing started getting sporadic, my heart was pounding.

» keep it up = seguir así, continuar así, no cambiar.

Example: Please keep it up and to all who are true patriots, like Ave, spread the word.

» keep + log = mantener un registro.

Example: Computers are now used to typeset, maintain the subscription list, hold a data base of references, keep a log of all papers submitted and to produce standard letters and management reports.

» keep + Nombre + at a distance = mantenerse alejado de + Nombre.

Example: This behaviour is deliberately adopted by the librarian to keep the client at a distance, to hide one's real self, and often to protect one's own personality from too much bruising = El bibliotecario adopta deliberadamente esta postura para mantenerse alejado del usuario, para ocultar su verdadero yo y a menudo para proteger su personalidad de muchas magulladuras.

» keep + Nombre + afloat = mantener a flote.

Example: Lloyd retired in 1976, after striving to keep the UDC afloat almost single-handed for some fifteen years at FID.

» keep + Nombre + alert = mantener despierto, mantener alerta.

Example: Her movie studio supplied her with amphetamines to keep her alert at work and with barbiturates to help her fall asleep at night.

» keep + Nombre + alive = mantener vivo, mantener vigente.

Example: It is the ideology which was urged against Panizzi and was cogently disproved by him before the Royal Commission but whose seductive simplicity has always found friends to keep it alive.

» keep + Nombre + at a minimum = mantener Algo al mínimo.

Example: The proposed new protocol will keep bandwidth consumption at a minimum.

» keep + Nombre + at arm's length = mantener las distancias con, mantener Algo alejado.

Example: Protagonists of office automation see this as an undesirable development -- it has allowed the manager to keep technology at arm's length, not letting it have a major impact on his style of working.

» keep + Nombre + at bay = contener, mantener a raya.

Example: A new approach is needed to maintain the freshness, vitality and humour that will keep at bay the dryer mode of academic examination.

» keep + Nombre + at the fore = mantener Algo vivo, mantener Algo activo. 

Example: The author stresses the importance of keeping these issues at the fore where vendors are concerned: vendors will respond if they see a demand for adaptive solutions to emerging technological challenges = El autor resalta la importancia de mantener estas cuestiones vivas en lo que respecta a los proveedores ya que éstos sólo responderán si ven que existe una demanda de soluciones a los retos de las nuevas tecnologías.

» keep + Nombre + calm = mantener calmado, mantener sereno.

Example: Learn more about these 8 yoga moves that'll help keep you calm and collected over the holidays.

» keep + Nombre + close to + Posesivo + heart = guardar como oro en paño, conservar como oro en paño.

Example: She gave her friend Cox a necklace when her daughter, Coco, was born, and she is still keeping it close to her heart almost seven years later.

» keep + Nombre + collected = mantener calmado, mantener sereno, mantener tranquilo.

Example: Learn more about these 8 yoga moves that'll help keep you calm and collected over the holidays.

» keep + Nombre + coming = no dejar de enviar + Nombre, no dejar de mandar + Nombre, continuar enviando + Nombre, seguir enviando + Nombre.

Example: Keep up the great work and keep the ideas coming!.

» keep + Nombre + going = mantener, mantener vivo, mantener activo.

Example: The author explains how libraries can keep their services going without being slaves to the job.

» keep + Nombre + in = mantener dentro, evitar que + salir, evitar que + escapar.

Example: Many farmers and ranchers construct barbed-wire fences on their property to keep livestock in and unwelcome guests out.

» keep + Nombre + in balance = mantener Algo en equilibrio.

Example: If the budget can be thought of as a beamed scale, ideally kept in balance, the counterpoint to revenue ups and downs must necessarily lie with the control of expenditures = Si concebimos el presupuesto como una balanza, que idealmente nos gustaría mantener en equilibrio, el contrapunto de los altibajos de los ingresos consiste necesariamente en el control de los gastos.

» keep + Nombre + in captivity = mantener en cautividad, mantener en cautivero.

Example: Later, the accused kept her in captivity in his flat and raped her, she alleged.

» keep + Nombre + in check = mantener controlado, mantener bajo control, controlar, mantener a raya, mantener firme, contener, frenar, refrenar, atar (en) corto.

Example: The article 'Keeping fraudsters in check' describes computerized systems now being developed to help combat fraud.

» keep + Nombre + informed = mantener informado, mantener al tanto, mantener al día, mantener al corriente.

Example: The searcher is kept better informed as to related terms under which additional information or documents have been indexed.

» keep + Nombre + in line = mantener controlado, mantener bajo control, controlar, mantener a raya, mantener firme, contener, frenar, refrenar, atar (en) corto.

Example: Queen bees use mind control to keep young workers in line by secreting a scent that prevents worker bees from learning, according to new research.

» keep + Nombre + in mind = tener en mente, tener presente, tener en cuenta, tomar en cuenta, no olvidar.

Example: This fact should be kept in mind when deciding upon the sequence of materials types.

» keep + Nombre + in order = mantener Algo en orden, mantener Algo ordenado.

Example: Activities include fundraising, parties and an 'adopt-a-shelf' system whereby each student is assigned a library shelf to keep in order = Las actividades incluyen recaudar fondos, fiestas y el juego de "adopta-una-estantería" por el cual se asigna a cada estudiante un estante de la biblioteca que debe mantener en orden.

» keep + Nombre + in perspective = mantener Algo en perspectiva, mantener Algo en su sitio.

Example: Terrorism is a real and growing problem, but it must be kept in perspective.

» keep + Nombre + in the dark = mantener a Alguien en la ignorancia, no revelar Algo a Alguien.

Example: I'm not against mammography, but I am against women being kept in the dark about the true benefits and risks associated with this practice.

» keep + Nombre + in the dark = mantener Algo en la oscuridad, mantener Algo a oscuras.

Example: It can change colour by keeping it in the dark or slowly heating and cooling it.

» keep + Nombre + in the loop = mantener informado, mantener al tanto, mantener al día, mantener al corriente.

Example: If your friend is important to you, make time for her and keep her in the loop regarding everyday issues.

» keep + Nombre + in top shape = mantener en plena forma.

Example: To keep a horse in top shape, you should put it to bed no later than 10 pm.

» keep + Nombre + neat and tidy = mantener ordenado.

Example: This is the only way anyone has ever devised for keeping all the fiction neat and tidy on the shelves.

» keep + Nombre + off + Posesivo + back = quitarse a Alguien de encima.

Example: Some even go so far as to curry favor with him, to keep him off their backs.

» keep + Nombre + on one side = apartar, apartar a un lado, poner a un lado.

Example: And with no way to clean up the mess, I have to just try my best to keep it on one side of the room.

» keep + Nombre + on + Posesivo + toes = mantener a Alguien alerta, mantener a Alguien atento, mantener a Alguien en vilo.

Example: A great opportunity exists for libraries to encourage individual citizens to make use of this piece of legislation, and that it is important for librarians should play a role in keeping governments on their toes.

» keep + Nombre + on the down low = mantener a escondidas, mantener bajo cuerda, mantener en secreto.

Example: While marijuana use has been prevalent here from the time I was a teen at least people made some attempt to keep it on the down low -- now it is out in the open and in your face all the time.

» keep + Nombre + on the straight and narrow (path) = mantener por el buen camino, seguir por el buen camino.

Example: The idea was to keep her on the straight and narrow by keeping her away from alcohol.

» keep + Nombre + out = mantener alejado, evitar que + entrar.

Example: Many farmers and ranchers construct barbed-wire fences on their property to keep livestock in and unwelcome guests out.

» keep + Nombre + out of = mantener alejado de, mantener apartado de.

Example: Rapists should be locked up and kept out of society where they can no longer harm innocent victims.

» keep + Nombre + out of danger = mantener fuera de (todo) peligro.

Example: She was often a little too bold and way too trusting and it was a full-time job keeping her out of danger.

» keep + Nombre + out of harm's way = mantener + Nombre + a salvo, mantener + Nombre + fuera de peligro.

Example: In these gut-wrenching times it's important to know who the strongest, healthiest providers are to keep your money out of harm's way!.

» keep + Nombre + out of it = mantener alejado, evitar que + entrar.

Example: Naturally, Claire is just dying to be part of the Committee, but they're equally determined to keep her out of it by whatever means.

» keep + Nombre + out of + Posesivo + reach = mantener Algo fuera de + Posesivo + alcance, mantener Algo fuera de + Posesivo + manos, mantener Algo lejos de + Posesivo + alcance, mantener Algo lejos de + Posesivo + manos.

Example: Unfortunately he's also discovered a liking for my gin and tonic so I have to keep it out of his reach.

» keep (+ Nombre + ) out of + Posesivo + way = apartar, retirar, quitar de en medio.

Example: Keep out of her way when she loses her temper.

» keep + Nombre + out of sight = mantener fuera de la vista, mantener alejado de la vista, mantener en secreto, mantener oculto, guardar en secreto.

Example: To save her own face, she played her last trump, the card which she had hitherto been careful to keep out of sight.

» keep + Nombre + out of the hands of = mantener Algo fuera del alcance de, mantener Algo fuera de las manos de, mantener Algo lejos del alcance de, mantener Algo lejos de las manos de.

Example: We should be protecting our technology at all costs and keeping it out of the hands of our enemies.

» keep + Nombre + posted (on) = mantener informado (de), mantener al tanto (de), mantener al día (de).

Example: 'Keep me posted on how she makes out,' he said resignedly.

» keep + Nombre + secret = mantener secreto, mantener en secreto.

Example: There is also a large amount of information that is kept secret: not merely cloak-and-dagger state secrets, but vast quantities of confidential technical and commercial data.

» keep + Nombre + straight = mantener derecho, matener erguido, mantener recto.

Example: Techniques such as keeping your head straight and pulling the oars evenly are vital to know before rowing for any distance.

» keep + Nombre + tidy = mantener Algo ordenado.

Example: The computer room must be kept tidy so that staff are less likely to trip on wires or accidentally pull equipment off shelves.

» keep + Nombre + to + Reflexivo = guardarse Algo para Uno Mismo.

Example: In an age where large scale research are the norm rather than the exception, it is inevitable that the sponsors of such research will wish to keep the results to themselves.

» keep + Nombre + under/in + Posesivo + radar = no perder de vista, mantener presente.

Example: I haven't read book 1 yet but I've heard great things about the series -- I'll definitely keep it under my radar.

» keep + Nombre + under lock and key = guardar bajo llave.

Example: Obviously rare books will be kept under lock and key at all times and not made accessible to unauthorized persons.

» keep + Nombre + under observation = tener en observación, mantener en observación, mantener bajo vigilancia.

Example: In these cases, suspects can be kept under observation only if there is evidence against them.

» keep + Nombre + under + Posesivo + hat = guardar en secreto, mantener en secreto, mantener oculto.

Example: Doug didn't tell anyone about his new job, he kept it under his hat = Dough no le habló a nadie de su nuevo trabajo, lo mantuvo en secreto.

» keep + Nombre + under + Posesivo + thumb = dominar a Alguien, tener a Alguien metido en un puño.

Example: He should have kept her under his thumb, watched her like a hawk, mistrusted her and protected her like a good jealous hubby usually does.

» keep + Nombre + under surveillance = mantener bajo vigilancia, mantener vigilado.

Example: At one point there were 11 people who kept her under surveillance.

» keep + Nombre + under the rug = mantener a escondidas, mantener bajo cuerda, mantener en secreto.

Example: The history of slavery is so complex that far too many people even among the opinion leaders in the country prefer to keep it under the rug.

» keep + Nombre + under the table = mantener a escondidas, mantener bajo cuerda, mantener en secreto.

Example: His father is in politics and having bastard children isn't exactly good for his image, so he gave the mother hush money to keep it under the table.

» keep + Nombre + under wraps = mantener en secreto, mantener oculto, guardar en secreto, mantener bajo cuerda.

Example: Maybe a whole slew of democrats knew about it and kept it under wraps until it was politically expedient to release it to the media.

» keep + Nombre + (well) away = mantener (bien) lejos, mantener (bien) alejado, mantener (bien) apartado.

Example: As with electrical equipment, liquids should be kept well away.

» keep + Nombre + (well) away from = mantener (bien) lejos de, mantener (bien) alejado de, mantener (bien) apartado de.

Example: The idea was to keep her on the straight and narrow by keeping her away from alcohol.

» keep + one step ahead of = seguir por delante de.

Example: The article is entitled 'Production control: keeping one step ahead of the rest'.

» keep + one step ahead of the competition = mantenerse por delante de la competencia.

Example: The author concludes by recommending that LIS professionals try and keep one step ahead of the competition in terms of both knowledge and tactics.

» keep + one step ahead of the game = mantenerse por delante de la competencia.

Example: The article 'Keeping one step ahead of the game' presents a profiles of Jeff Mallett, former football player and president of Internet company Yahoo!.

» keep on + Gerundio = seguir + Gerundio, continuar + Gerundio.

Example: Despite the electronics invasion, books are still king, and book fairs keeps on growing every year.

» keep on + going = continuar adelante, seguir adelante.

Example: I believe that no matter how hard things get you have to keep a positive attitude and keep on going.

» keep on + Posesivo + tail = seguir, perseguir, seguir de cerca, perseguir de cerca.

Example: She tried to escape them by dodging into a church but the cops kept on her tail.

» keep on + reserve = mantener en reserva. [En el préstamo, decisión de no permitir que cierto material de mucho uso pueda ser retirado de la biblioteca]

Example: If loan periods are not standardized, staff will have to know what periods apply to which books, how long the books have to be kept on reserve, and so on.

» keep on + the right side of = congraciarse con, no predisponer a Alguien en contra.

Example: Gods did nothing, but you had to honour them with a daily offering to keep on the right side of them.

» keep on + the right side of the law = no infringir las leyes, respetar las leyes, acatar las leyes.

Example: These are people who work hard, pay taxes, buy houses and keep on the right side of the law for fear of being deported.

» keep on + the right track = seguir por el buen camino, seguir el buen camino, no apartarse del buen camino, no perderse.

Example: There are five major challenges that need to be addressed in order to keep on the right track of sustainable development.

» keep on + the straight and narrow = seguir el buen camino, seguir el camino de la verdad.

Example: But my Dad's my Dad, whatever he's done in the past, and he swears blind that he'll be keeping on the straight and narrow from now on.

» keep on + ticking = continuar funcionando, seguir funcionando, continuar adelante, seguir adelante.

Example: She takes a licking and keeps on ticking -- she really is an unstoppable force of joy and nothing gets in her way.

» keep on + top of things = estar pendiente de todo, estar al tanto de las cosas, estar al día, no perder el control, mantener todo controlado, mantenerse al tanto de las cosas.

Example: It's a winning situation, as long as you keep on top of things.

» keep + Nombre + on track = mantener Algo en el buen camino, mantener Algo en la dirección correcta.

Example: Research keeps the library on track = La investigación mantiene a la biblioteca en el buen camino.

» keep on + track = mantener el rumbo, seguir, continuar.

Example: Continue to keep these tips in your mind to be sure that your holiday will keep on track.

» keep on + trucking = seguir al pie del cañón, seguir en la brecha.

Example: Seeing Dean keep on trucking in the face of adversity makes me so proud to have met him.

» keep on with = seguir con, continuar con, mantener, llevar adelante, seguir adelante con.

Example: There are some senators who want to keep on with the war at any cost .

» keep + Posesivo + wits about + Pronombre = mantenerse alerta, mantenerse atento, estar al loro de, mantener los ojos bien abiertos, andarse con mucho ojo, ir con mucho ojo, estar ojo avizor, mantenerse ojo avizor, permanecer ojo avizor.

Example: Criminals operate all over the world, so travellers need to keep their wits about them and take care of their passports = Hay delincuentes a lo largo y ancho de este mundo, por lo que las personas que viajan necesitan andarse con mucho ojo y tener cuidado con sus pasaportes.

» keep + order = mantener el orden.

Example: The National Guard was summoned together with 25,000 police to help keep order.

» keep out = no dejar entrar, no dejar pasar, impedir la entrada.

Example: The loaded wagons were then covered with tarpaulins to keep out rain and atmospheric moisture which would have slaked the lime.

» keep out of it = mantenerse al margen, no interferir, no entrometerse, no entremeterse, no inmiscuirse.

Example: She has been told that it is none of her business and should she wish to continue being part of their lives then she should keep out of it.

» keep out of + the public eye = evitar la publicidad, evitar la fama, mantenerse alejado de la mirada pública, mantenerse alejado de la mirada del público.

Example: He prefers to keep out of the public eye as much as possible.

» keep out of + trouble = seguir por el buen camino, no meterse en líos, no meterse en problemas.

Example: While in traditional working society, everybody was kept busy, and out of trouble, a leisured society would be one in which people roamed free and unfettered, and capable of absolutely anything.

» keep + pace = mantener el ritmo.

Example: Although acquisitions in the priority languages of Tamil, Persian, and Arabic have kept pace, processing has lagged behind because of unfilled staff vacancies.

» keep + pace with = mantenerse al día de, mantenerse al ritmo de.

Example: In the light of the information explosion, no researcher can now realistically expect to keep pace with developments in his own field, let alone those in allied fields = En vista del crecimiento vertiginoso de la información, siendo realista ahora el investigador no puede mantenerse al día en los avances de su propio campo y mucho menos de los de campos afines.

» keep + Posesivo + cards close to + Posesivo + chest = mantener + Posesivo + intenciones ocultas, no soltar prenda, ocultar + Posesivo + intenciones, esconder + Posesivo + intentions.

Example: I think she kept her cards close to her chest, even when Ray asked her about other men she was very cagey and didn't give much away.

» keep + Posesivo + chin up = mantener la moral alta; poner al mal tiempo buena cara; no desanimarse; no perder el ánimo; aceptar las cosas (tal y) como vienen; si te dan limón, haz limonada.

Example: She's kept her chin up as she nurses a new life into toddlerhood, and is now doing a lot better.

» keep + Posesivo + composure = mantener la compostura, no perder la compostura, mantener la serenidad, mantener la calma, no perder la calma, no perder la cabeza, mantenerse en calma, mantenerse sereno.

Example: I clenched my hands into fists, trying to keep composure and not scream at the top of my lungs.

» keep + Posesivo + dignity = mantener + Posesivo + dignidad.

Example: She took a lot of abuse, a lot of insults, but she always kept her dignity, she knew how to suffer with grace, she had class.

» keep + Posesivo + dignity intact = mantener + Posesivo + dignidad intacta.

Example: She somehow managed to keep her dignity intact in spite of the moronic questions of the reporters.

» keep + Posesivo + distance = mantener las distancias, guardar las distancias.

Example: By nature reserved and cautious, she preferred to keep her distance and continue to follow the path that suited her.

» keep + Posesivo + ear to the ground = mantenerse atento a lo que ocurre alrededor.

Example: The article 'Keeping your ear to the ground' discusses the skills and knowledge information professionals need to have in today's IT-rich climate.

» keep + Posesivo + eyes on = fijarse en, fijar la mirada en, fijar la vista en.

Example: While the majority of women drool over 6-pack abs and chiseled shoulders, most men keep their eyes on either boobs or butts.

» keep + Posesivo + eyes peeled = estar atento a, estar pendiente de, estar al tanto de, estar al loro de, andarse con mucho ojo, ir con mucho ojo, mantener los ojos bien abiertos.

Example: Lulu is a friendly, chatty parrot and we urge everyone in and around this area to keep their eyes peeled for her.

» keep + Posesivo + eyes skinned = estar atento a, estar pendiente de, estar al tanto de, estar al loro de, andarse con mucho ojo, ir con mucho ojo, mantener los ojos bien abiertos.

Example: When you tire of the town, rent a kayak and paddle around the islands keeping your eyes skinned for whales that inhabit the Sound.

» keep + Posesivo + eyes (wide) open = mantenerse alerta, mantenerse atento, estar al loro de, mantener los ojos bien abiertos, andarse con mucho ojo, ir con mucho ojo, estar ojo avizor, mantenerse ojo avizor, permanecer ojo avizor.

Example: He should make a note of the gap and keep his eyes open for any additional material.

» keep + Posesivo + feelings (all) bottled up inside = guardarse los sentimientos, ocultar los sentimientos, no expresar los sentimientos, no expresar lo que se siente.

Example: Instead of showing her anger towards her parents, Jamie continued to keep her feelings bottled up inside of her.

» keep + Posesivo + feelings to + Reflexivo = guardarse los sentimientos, ocultar los sentimientos, no expresar los sentimientos, no expresar lo que se siente.

Example: If the handwriting slopes to the left, the person is very good at keeping their feelings to themselves.

» keep + Posesivo + feet on the ground = mantener los pies en/sobre la tierra, no hacerse ilusiones, no subirsele Algo a Alguien a la cabeza.

Example: We have to keep our feet on the ground and understand that we still have a long way to go if we are to make it to the finals.

» keep + Posesivo + fingers crossed = cruzar los dedos, desear suerte, esperar que todo salga bien, esperar que la suerte + Pronombre + acompañe.

Example: Asin is keeping her fingers crossed -- the verdict will be out in a few days from now.

» keep + Posesivo + hand in = conservar la práctica de, seguir con la práctica de, no perder la práctica de.

Example: I certainly think there are a lot of reasons why all of the other schools, academic libraries and, I presume, public libraries, too, would want to keep their hands in the cataloging business.

» keep + Posesivo + hands off = mantenerse alejado de.

Example: 'No man could keep his hands off a foxy lady like you forever,' she said with a wink as she headed back to work = "Nunca ningún hombre podría mantenerse alejado de una chica tan sexi como tú," dijo guiñándome mientras se dirigía de vuelta al trabajo .

» keep + Posesivo + head = mantener la cabeza, mantener la calma, mantenerse en calma, mantener la serenidad, mantenerse sereno.

Example: To keep one's head in a fight -- win or lose -- seems to depend on whether we know what we are fighting for.

» keep + Posesivo + head above the water = mantenerse a flote, seguir a flote, no quebrar.

Example: Librarians must help libraries keep their heads above water in a difficult economic climate.

» keep + Posesivo + head held high = mantener la cabeza erguida.

Example: The first step to stop people putting you down is to always look at the person in the eye, keeping your head held high.

» keep + Posesivo + head together = mantener la cabeza, mantener la calma, mantenerse en calma, mantener la serenidad, mantenerse sereno.

Example: How the author kept her head together to write the book is beyond me.

» keep + Posesivo + hope(s) alive = mantener viva la esperanza.

Example: She has overcome flu-like symptoms to keep her hopes alive of repeating her 2008 title success.

» keep + Posesivo + mitts off = mantenerse alejado de.

Example: I think Laurie doesn't deserve one of my cupcakes and, quite frankly, I'd prefer her to keep her mitts off them.

» keep + Posesivo + money under the mattress = guardar el dinero debajo del colchón.

Example: If you are keeping your money under the mattress, in a safe in the basement, or anywhere that it's not earning interest, then your money is losing value to inflation as you read this.

» keep + Posesivo + mouth shut = mantener la boca cerrada.

Example: I threatened to blow her cover but she promised me a big raise if I kept my mouth shut.

» keep + Posesivo + nose to the grindstone = trabajar a destajo, currar a destajo, trabajar sin parar, trabajar sin descanso.

Example: She keeps her nose to the grindstone and focuses on bettering herself both academically and personally.

» keep + Posesivo + options open = estar abierto a otras posibilidades, no descartar ninguna posibilidad, no cerrar ninguna puerta.

Example: She is keen to become a mother but is keeping her options open about when or how she might do it.

» keep + Posesivo + pecker up = mantener la moral alta; poner al mal tiempo buena cara; no desanimarse; no perder el ánimo; aceptar las cosas (tal y) como vienen; si te dan limón, haz limonada.

Example: Honestly, I was so moved I nearly sent her a tenner, just to keep her pecker up.

» keep + Posesivo + promise = cumplir una promesa, mantener una promesa.

Example: Suppose you are abducted by a highway robber, who intends to ransom you and in return for your release you promise to deliver the ransom yourself; should you subsequently keep your promise?.

» keep + Posesivo + reputation = mantener + Posesivo + reputación, conservar + Posesivo + reputación.

Example: She's also expected to always be the #1 athlete and keep her reputation squeaky clean.

» keep + Posesivo + accounts = mantener las cuentas.

Example: Although DOBIS/LIBIS must keep its accounts in a single currency, prices for documents may be entered in foreign currencies.

» keep + prices down = mantener los precios bajos.

Example: That's what price ceilings and wage controls are for -- to keep prices down.

» keep + Pronombre + cool = mantener la serenidad, mantener la calma, mantenerse en calma, mantener la serenidad, mantenerse sereno.

Example: The woman seemed to be trying to hide a growing personal anger toward him, and it kept her cool and reserved.

» keep + quiet = mantenerse callado, estar callado, callarse, no decir nada, mantener la boca cerrada.

Example: How to know when to keep quiet is an art.

» keep + record of = mantener constancia de, mantener registro de.

Example: Accurate records must be kept of all monies received and disbursed and normally the cash is balanced at weekly intervals.

» keep + score (of) = llevar la cuenta (de), llevar la puntuación (de), llevar el resultado (de).

Example: When you are playing in your own backyard, you can make up your own rules and keep score any way you like.

» keep + separate = mantener aparte.

Example: In many classes the facets are carefully identified and kept separate.

» keep + silence

Kept synonyms

unbroken in spanish: intacto, pronunciation: ənbroʊkən part of speech: adjective

Kept antonyms

broken pronunciation: broʊkən part of speech: adjective unkept pronunciation: əŋkept part of speech: adjective
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