Keyed in spanish


pronunciation: entʃɑbetɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
In gestures

key6 = teclear. 

Example: A menu-based information retrieval system displays, on a television or other terminal connected to a computer, a list of categories from which the user must select one by keying the code which represents the chosen category.


» key + data = introducir datos.

Example: Input is normally recorded by using a light pen to read bar-encoded patron IDs and bar-encoded book labels, but may also be achieved by keying data at a keyboard/display unit.

» key in = teclear, introducir. [Introducir por medio de teclado]

Example: The advantage is that information does not have to be keyed in.

» rekey [re-key] = volver a insertar en el ordenador. 

Example: Previously, these libraries had been producing printed cards to send to LC as their location reports, which in turn were rekeyed into machine-readable form by an LC contractor for addition to the RAL data base.



» low-keyed = discreto, moderado, mesurado, simple, sencillo, menor.

Example: Overall, he provides a low-keyed, lucid account that, with its many-leveled approach, does more than justice to the complex themes it studies.

Keyed synonyms

attuned in spanish: sintonizado, pronunciation: ətund part of speech: adjective tuned in spanish: sintonizado, pronunciation: tund part of speech: adjective tonal in spanish: tonal, pronunciation: toʊnəl part of speech: adjective adjusted in spanish: equilibrado, pronunciation: ədʒʌstəd part of speech: adjective

Keyed antonyms

keyless pronunciation: kiləs part of speech: adjective
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