Lacuna in spanish


pronunciation: lɑgunɑ part of speech: noun
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lacuna [lacunae, -pl.] = laguna, carencia. 

Example: The author's intentions might also have been misunderstood if his manuscript contained obvious lacunae or grammatical errors.


» fill + lacunae = cubrir lagunas.

Example: This book is designed to be useful to both instructor and student, to serve as an incentive to classroom discussions, and it is hoped, to fill some of the lacunae that now exist in the literature of librarianship.

Lacuna synonyms

blank in spanish: blanco, pronunciation: blæŋk part of speech: adjective, noun coffer in spanish: cofre, pronunciation: kɔfɜr part of speech: noun caisson in spanish: cajón hidráulico, pronunciation: keɪsən part of speech: noun
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