Madman in spanish


pronunciation: loʊkoʊ part of speech: noun
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madman = loco, majareta. 

Example: Since January of 2006 we have had to deal with the raving lunatics and suicidal madmen of the ruling party of Hamas.


» certified madman = loco de remate.

Example: But it is a fact that since Marshall's time only a certified madman would resign the chief justiceship to become governor, let me say.

» like a madman = como un condenado, como un loco, como loco, como un descosido, desaforadamente.

Example: He was 'driving like a madman' moments before he was involved in a car crash with a lorry, according to an eyewitness.

Madman synonyms

lunatic in spanish: lunático, pronunciation: lunətɪk part of speech: noun, adjective maniac in spanish: maníaco, pronunciation: meɪniæk part of speech: noun
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