Madly in spanish


pronunciation: loʊkɑmente part of speech: adverb
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madly = locamente, alocadamente, como un loco, enloquecidamente. 

Example: The only way to stop them behaving madly is to have nuclear states as the opposition.


» be madly in love with = estar locamente enamorado de.

Example: Benji is madly in love with Cameron, but she wants to take it slow -- he isn't her usual type.

» fall + madly in love with = enamorarse locamente de.

Example: Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.

Madly synonyms

deadly in spanish: mortal, pronunciation: dedli part of speech: adjective insanely in spanish: increíblemente, pronunciation: ɪnseɪnli part of speech: adverb crazily in spanish: locamente, pronunciation: kreɪzəli part of speech: adverb devilishly in spanish: con demonio, pronunciation: devəlɪʃli part of speech: adverb deucedly in spanish: deuced, pronunciation: dustli part of speech: adverb dementedly in spanish: demente, pronunciation: dɪmentɪdli part of speech: adverb

Madly antonyms

sanely pronunciation: seɪnli part of speech: adverb
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