Naff in spanish


pronunciation: oʊɹ̩dinɑɹ̩ioʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

naff1 = hortera, macarra, ordinario, de mal gusto. 

Example: Elton then started to metamorphose from 'sensitive guy' singer into someone famous for wearing naff sunglasses and dressing up as a duck.

naff off2 = largarse, irse al cuerno, irse al infierno, irse a paseo, irse al diablo, irse a la mierda, irse a freír espárragos, irse a tomar por culo, perderse de + Posesivo + vista, esfumarse, desaparecer, perderse, darse el piro. 

Example: I just smiled and told him to naff off cos short of punching him in the gob what can you do?.


» get + naffed off = cabrearse.

Example: This is the 3rd time he's been sidelined for 3 weeks due to injuries and he's starting to get naffed off.
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