Nail in spanish


pronunciation: unjɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

nail1 = clavo, puntilla. 

Example: The ball pelts, which were usually sheepskin, were fixed to the handles with nails which were only lightly knocked in, and were removed after the day's work (and often during the midday break as well).


» another nail in + Posesivo + coffin = otro paso más hacia + Posesivo + destrucción, cavarse su propia tumba.

Example: In the long run this is another nail in his coffin and a severe dent for Britain within the EU.

» as hard as nails = tan duro como la piedra, tan duro como una piedra, tan duro como el pedernal, muy duro.

Example: From a distance she gives the impression of being as hard as nails.

» be a bed of nails to endure = ser un calvario, ser un sufrimiento.

Example: To her that school for girls was a bed of nails to endure.

» bed of nails = cama de clavos.

Example: Lying on a bed of nails, walking barefoot on broken glass -- these practices are very old.

» doornail = clavo remachado, roblón.

Example: They do not base their beliefs on logic, reason, or reality, so trying to argue with them is like arguing with a doornail.

» drive + a nail = hincar un clavo, hincar una puntilla.

Example: His father gave him a bag of nails, and told him to drive a nail in the fence in the backyard whenever he lost his temper.

» hit + the nail on the head = dar en el clavo, poner el dedo en la llaga, atinar, acertar.

Example: One ISO team member hit the nail on the head by saying that the ISO certificate would mean a lot for our customers.

» nail hammer = pistola de clavos.

Example: They use a variety of hand and power tools, such as air hammers, nail guns, cement mixers, small mechanical hoists, and surveying equipment.

» the final/last nail in + Posesivo + coffin = la puntilla, remate final.

Example: The final nail in her coffin was when somehow during the interview she mentioned being a single mom.

nail2 = uña. 

Example: Occasionally we find inverted headings, giving a small measure of grouping in the alphabetical section: nails; nails, INGROWN; nails, MALFORMED.


» as tough as nails = más duro que una piedra, tan duro como una piedra, más duro que la suela de un zapato, tan duro como la suela de un zapato, carne de cañón.

Example: She was a tough-as-nails realist ready to see the dark side of things.

» bite + Posesivo + (finger)nails = morderse las uñas, comerse las uñas.

Example: Darling was described as one of the most nervous first-class cricketers, often biting his fingernails before he went out to bat.

» cut + Posesivo + nails = cortar las uñas.

Example: But the only way I can slightly cut her nails is if her muzzle is on and she is distracted with treats.

» fight + tooth and nail = luchar a brazo partido, pelear a brazo partido, luchar con uñas y dientes.

Example: In fact, it was the right-wing that fought tooth and nail against those who sought to outlaw child labor in this country.

» fight + tooth and nail to defend = luchar a brazo partido para defender, defender a toda ultranza, defender como gato panza arriba, defender a capa y espada, defender con uñas y dientes.

Example: I know folk are very passionate about politics and can fight tooth and nail to defend their particular ideological stance.

» fingernail = uña.

Example: One quarter inch fingernail size receiver holds 50 times more optical and electronic components than ever previously assembled on a chip.

» ingrown (toe)nail = uña encarnada.

Example: Ingrown toenail correction is usually performed under local anaesthetic.

» nail clippers = cortaúñas.

Example: Many individuals suffer from arthritis or other forms of joint disease, which makes it extremely difficult to hold and use small nail clippers.

» nail file = lima de uñas.

Example: Most women use nail files that are made from emery or steel.

» nail polish = esmalte de uñas.

Example: There are a large number of nail polish manufacturing companies across the world.

» nail polish remover = quitaesmalte.

Example: That is why the nail polish remover can remove nail polish and not dissolve the nail.

» thumbnail = imagen en miniatura, miniatura.

Example: High quality (400dpi) TIFF files were stored on archival tape, and JPEG thumbnails and full-size images placed on server to be accessed by CGI script.

» toenail = uña del pie.

Example: Major toenail problem culprits are incorrectly fitting shoes, which press too tightly on the toenails.

nail3 = clavar. 

Example: This book suggests ways for children to work successfully with scraps of wood by carving, sawing, hammering, nailing or gluing pieces together.


» nail down = concretar.

Example: The six essential planning guidelines are: identify the project, nail down the details, determine conversion methodology, develop a realistic conversion schedule, determine who is going to do your conversion, and tie the pieces together.

» nail it = conseguirlo, lograrlo, darle el puntillazo, remacharlo, salir redondo, salir de perlas, salir a las mil maravillas.

Example: It seems we have all taken swings at this problem without ever really nailing it.

nail4 = trincar, atrapar. 

Example: I will wait until the water recedes a little bit before I try and nail lots of these buggers.

Nail synonyms

pass in spanish: pasar, pronunciation: pæs part of speech: verb, noun complete in spanish: completar, pronunciation: kəmplit part of speech: adjective, verb blast in spanish: explosión, pronunciation: blæst part of speech: noun boom in spanish: auge, pronunciation: bum part of speech: noun collar in spanish: collar, pronunciation: kɑlɜr part of speech: noun peg in spanish: clavija, pronunciation: peg part of speech: noun arrest in spanish: arrestar, pronunciation: ɜrest part of speech: noun, verb apprehend in spanish: aprehender, pronunciation: æprɪhend part of speech: verb cop in spanish: policía, pronunciation: kɑp part of speech: noun pick up in spanish: recoger, pronunciation: pɪkʌp part of speech: verb smash in spanish: aplastar, pronunciation: smæʃ part of speech: verb, noun nab in spanish: coger, pronunciation: næb part of speech: verb make it in spanish: hazlo, pronunciation: meɪkɪt part of speech: verb nail down in spanish: concretar, pronunciation: neɪldaʊn part of speech: verb

Nail antonyms

bomb pronunciation: bɑm part of speech: noun fail pronunciation: feɪl part of speech: verb flunk pronunciation: flʌŋk part of speech: verb flush it pronunciation: flʌʃɪt part of speech: verb
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