Nag in spanish


pronunciation: roʊθin part of speech: noun
In gestures

nag1 = regañón, criticón. 

Example: No supervisor should be a tiresome nag, but the achievements and failings of a persons's performance deserves mention in a constructive way at timely, regular intervals.

nag2 = queja. 

Example: The article is entitled 'One last nag or two or three: it's the last chance this year for vendors to take my advice: put users first!'.


» old nag = algo ya muy conocido y usado.

Example: The article 'Cost-plus pricing: an old nag with a second wind?' suggests that this technique is the most transparent and equitable system yet devised.

nag (at)3 = fastidiar, molestar, dar la lata, acosar, regañar constantemente. 

Example: This a book that I had admired but that had nagged at me for years.


» nag at + the conscience = remorder la conciencia.

Example: It is a work that stays in the memory and nags at the conscience.

NAG (National Acquisitions Group)4 = Asociación Nacional para Adquisiciones (NAG). [Asociación de bibliotecas británicas para la defensa de sus intereses frente a la política de precios de los distribuidores de libros]

Example: The beginnings of the National Acquisitions Group (NAG) are described, and its objectives are listed.

NAG (Network Advisory Group)5 = Grupo Asesor sobre Redes (NAG). 

Example: NAG (the Network Advisory Group of the Library of Congress Development Office) has produced a document defining issues concerned with the development of the bibliographic component of the network.

Nag synonyms

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