Oblige in spanish


pronunciation: oʊbligɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

oblige1 = obligar, forzar, conminar, emplazar. 

Example: The user interested in children's sports, therefore, is obliged, when looking under the general heading, to differentiate between those works which are general and those which are on men's sports.

oblige2 = condescender, complacer, dar gusto. 

Example: In spite of their protestations to the contrary, most bosses prefer subordinates whom they get along with, who oblige happily when asked to undertake tasks.

Oblige synonyms

bind in spanish: enlazar, pronunciation: baɪnd part of speech: noun hold in spanish: sostener, pronunciation: hoʊld part of speech: verb, noun accommodate in spanish: acomodar, pronunciation: əkɑmədeɪt part of speech: verb compel in spanish: obligar, pronunciation: kəmpel part of speech: verb obligate in spanish: obligar, pronunciation: ɑbləgeɪt part of speech: adjective, verb

Oblige antonyms

disoblige pronunciation: dɪsəblaɪdʒ part of speech: verb
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