Pacemaker in spanish


pronunciation: mɑɹ̩kɑpɑsoʊs part of speech: noun
In gestures

pacemaker1 = líder, pionero. 

Example: The first computerized cataloguing network, the pacemaker for those that were to follow, was OCLC.

pacemaker2 = marcapasos. 

Example: This database covers the literature of medical devices such as pacemakers, sutures and prostheses.


» cardiac pacemaker = marcapasos.

Example: 'I've heard that people with cardiac pacemakers are concerned,' said the deputy.

Pacemaker synonyms

pacer in spanish: el que marca el paso, pronunciation: peɪsɜr part of speech: noun pacesetter in spanish: persona que da la pauta, pronunciation: peɪsetɜr part of speech: noun sa node in spanish: sa nodo, pronunciation: sɑnoʊd part of speech: noun sinoatrial node in spanish: nodo sinoauricular, pronunciation: saɪnoʊtriəlnoʊd part of speech: noun cardiac pacemaker in spanish: marcapasos cardíaco, pronunciation: kɑrdiækpeɪsmeɪkɜr part of speech: noun artificial pacemaker in spanish: marcapasos artificial, pronunciation: ɑrtəfɪʃəlpeɪsmeɪkɜr part of speech: noun
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