Pacific in spanish


pronunciation: pɑθifikoʊ part of speech: noun
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pacific1 = pacífico. 

Example: The public reference or reading room, crowded, anonymous, purposeful, and pacific, is a setting of therapeutic value.

pacific2 = pacífico, del Pacífico. 

Example: These organizations are of particular importance for information on primary commodities which the European Community trades with the ACP countries (African, Caribbean and pacific countries).


» Asia-Pacific region = región del Pacífico asiático.

Example: The ASTINFO network aims to provide scientific and technical information and exchange of experience in the Asia-Pacific region.

» ASTINFO (Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experience in Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific) = ASTINFO (Red Regional para el Intercambio de Información y Experiencias de la Ciencia y Tecnología en Asia y el Pacífico).

Example: The overall approach should be in line with the philosophy of ASTINFO (Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experience in Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific).

» North Pacific = norte del Pacífico.

Example: Influenced by the North Pacific high-pressure system, Seoul has hot and humid summers with average temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius.

» Pacific Basin, the = Cuenca del Pacífico, la.

Example: The rate of growth of the telecommunications industry in the countries of the Pacific Basin has also been phenomenal.

» Pacific Islander = habitante de las islas del Pacífico, procedente de las islas del Pacífico.

Example: This was done in May 81 when it changed from being a borstal to a youth institution for women, mainly Maori or Pacific Islanders.

» Pacific Ocean, the = Océano Pacífico, el.

Example: The Pacific Rim encompasses an enormous geographical area composed of all of the nations bordering the Pacific Ocean, east and west, from the Bering Straits to Antarctica.

» Pacific region, the = región del Pacífico, la.

Example: The results of agricultural research in the Pacific region are mostly published in a non-conventional form and not easily accessed.

» Pacific rim, the = países de la costa del Pacífico.

Example: This article notes some of the on-line data bases covering business information about countries of the Pacific Rim.

» Pacific, the = Pacífico, el.

Example: ACPAD has established a record as an efficient and effective distributor of publications to libraries in the Pacific.

» South Pacific, the = Pacífico del Sur, el.

Example: The development of the library and information sector in the South Pacific has been slow and unequal, reflecting very much the geographical, political, cultural and economic background of the region.

Pacific synonyms

peaceful in spanish: pacífico, pronunciation: pisfəl part of speech: adjective peaceable in spanish: pacífico, pronunciation: pisəbəl part of speech: adjective pacific ocean in spanish: océano Pacífico, pronunciation: pəsɪfɪkoʊʃən part of speech: noun
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