Pack in spanish


pronunciation: pɑkete part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

pack1 = paquete, grupo. 

Example: The notched cards, representing relevant documents, will drop off the needle and fall from the bulk of the pack.


» add-on pack = programa que se añade.

Example: Off-the-shelf systems are available with 128K and 256K RAM, and many others can be upgraded with add-on packs or cards.

» a pack of cigarettes = un paquete de cigarrillos, un paquete de tabaco, una cajetilla de cigarrillos, una cajetilla de tabaco.

Example: Linda came in and sat in the same place as always, called for a beer, took out from her wallet a pack of cigarettes and started to smoke.

» a pack of lies = una sarta de mentiras.

Example: Starting with President Bush, it also exposes the administration's repeated explanation for what happened as a pack of lies.

» a pack of + Perros = una traílla de + Perros.

Example: The pack of hounds on leash rushed downhill in full cry after the hare, and from all sides the borzois that were not on leash darted after the hounds and the hare.

» backpack = mochila, macuto.

Example: Important factors in designing a backpack or implanted telemeter are explained.

» be ahead of the pack = ir por delante del pelotón, ir con ventaja sobre el pelotón, ir por delante de la competencia, llevar la delantera (a los demás), ir por delante (de los demás), ir a la cabeza, ir de líder.

Example: Radio Mirchi continues to top the daily listenership charts in Delhi, and is also ahead of the pack in Kolkata, the company said in a statement.

» blister pack = blíster. [Envase para productos pequeños consistente en una cartulina de soporte sobre la que hay pegada una lámina de plástico transparente con espacios ahuecados donde se alojan los artículos]

Example: My birth control pills come in a blister pack, with each blister labeled with the day the pill needs to be taken.

» disc pack = paquete de discos.

Example: IBM invented a disk drive which became known as the Winchester in which the whole disk pack was hermetically sealed and this design has become the basis for the Winchester disks available on microcomputers.

» fall behind + the pack = quedarse detrás de la competencia, quedarse rezagado (con respecto a la competencia), quedarse rezagado (con respecto a los demás), quedarse por debajo de la media.

Example: UK manufacturing is falling behind the pack in the revolution to apply digital technologies to industry.

» fanny pack = riñonera. [Palabra usada en inglés americano]

Example: Practical and highly affordable, fanny packs are popular among European drug dealers and hoodlums.

» flat pack = listo para ensamblar, listo para montar.

Example: Tables are delivered flat pack and require simple assembly using an Allen key.

» ice pack = bolsa de hielo.

Example: I used to make up formula bottles in advance and take them in cooler bags with ice packs and never had an issue.

» leader of the pack = cabeza de la manada.

Example: To reclaim your rightful place as leader of the pack, you must teach your dog how to be a subordinate, not an equal.

» leader of the pack = cabecilla, cabecilla de la banda.

Example: She has been telling him that he is a beta male, a subordinate figure, and must learn to become an alpha male, or leader of the pack, before the public can accept him as President.

» lead + the pack = liderar, ir delante, ir primero, ir a la cabeza, situarse a la cabeza, ir de líder.

Example: Northern India has the least number of female tobacco users while eastern India leads the pack, according to India's first-ever adult tobacco survey.

» mid-pack = a mitad de paquete, a mitad de la medicación.

Example: I was wondering what are common side effects after stopping the pill mid-pack.

» mid-pack = de mitad del pelotón, de mitad de la tabla, del medio. [En su origen, hace referencia a un 'pelotón' de corredores, ciclistas, etc]

Example: Seattle Airport was a mid-pack finisher in a new survey released this week .

» needling the pack = insertar aguja en un paquete de fichas.

Example: To take an example of needling the pack, suppose it is necessary to identify all of the documents indexed under the term 'Secondary schools'.

» pack animal = animal de carga.

Example: His provisions, likewise, were nearly exhausted, while his pack animals were struggling along the defile in his rear exposed to the depredations of the French troops.

» pack horse = caballo de carga.

Example: It's a picture of a man smoking pipe while holding a riding horse and a pack horse by the reins.

» pack ice = bloque de hielo flotante.

Example: Sir George Hubert Wilkins was leader of the expedition in which a submarine travelled under Arctic pack ice for the 1st time, as well as a scientist, photographer, and newspaper correspondent.

» pack of playing cards = baraja de cartas.

Example: Try to envisage explaining the significance of a bid of 'two clubs' in contract bridge to someone who has never seen a pack of playing cards.

» six-pack = tableta de chocolate, tabla de chocolate.

Example: Six-packs are difficult to maintain because they require less than 10 percent body fat.

» six-pack = paquete de seis. [Forma común de vender principalmente la cerveza en las tiendas]

Example: With the tax, a six-pack of Coca-Cola or Pepsi would cost 2 cents more than a six-pack of the cheapest beer in the store.

» stay ahead of + the pack = llevar la delantera (a los demás), ir por delante (de los demás), llevar la delantera a la competencia, ir por delante la competencia, mantenerse a la cabeza, mantenerse líder.

Example: Overall labor productivity in the country will continue to grow if the very best companies continue to stay ahead of the pack.

» subpack = subgrupo.

Example: The sequential sorting of the pack and subpacks permits searching to proceed on combinations of terms.

» wolf pack = manada de lobos.

Example: A good reference librarian should be able to answer questions such as 'Where can I find information on wolves and the behaviour of wolf packs?'.

pack2 = paquete informativo, paquete de información. 

Example: Some libraries have purchased display stands to hold these packs, covering a range of current regional information, such as cooking, baking, business and the natural sciences.


» course pack = documentación de un curso.

Example: The author looks at the issues involved in 2 American court cases relating to copyright law and commercial document reproduction for the provision of course packs.

» help pack = material de ayuda.

Example: This article describes the contents of a help pack, produced by Bradford Public Library to help library staff when dealing with violence and aggression at work.

» mini-information pack = minidosier.

Example: NACAB have a research project to develop a mini-information pack that could be used by peripatetic advice workers.

» mini-pack = minipaquete de información, minipaquete informativo, minidosier.

Example: This mini-pack could be used by 'individuals in the community who are called upon to give information, such as parish clerks, the clergy, postmasters, trade union officials, mobile librarians, as well as people acting as village links'.

» topic pack = paquete informativo, dosier de información. [Paquete de objetos e información sobre un tema concreto]

Example: In addition to providing books the staff have introduced topic packs which are used for group discussion, and take to the elderly persons' homes old but familiar household objects which can stimulate reminiscences.

pack3 = empaquetar, envasar, embalar, guardar. 

Example: After various selection processes, the books are sorted into broad general categories and packed into consignments of up to 5,000 books.


» backpack = viajar con mochila, viajar de mochilero.

Example: I've been backpacking through Europe for a month, and this is the closest I felt to home the entire time.

» packrat = colector compulsivo, persona que nunca se deshace de nada.

Example: In broad terms, lack of weeding was associated with fear, inertia, and a 'packrat mentality,' causing one librarian to remark that it is 'time to weed librarians who don't want to weed'.

» pack up = hacer las maletas, recoger.

Example: The hall is quiet, the band has packed up, and the munchies are all gone.

» pack up = guardar, meter.

Example: Unless the distance was short, the books travelled in sheets, unbound, packed up in chests or barrels.

» pack up = dejar de funcionar, estropearse, escacharrarse.

Example: That's telling you the drive is on the way out and you should replace it and get what you can off that drive before it packs up altogether.

» pack up and go = hacer las maletas e irse, hacer las maletas y marcharse, recoger + Posesivo + cosas e irse, recoger + Posesivo + cosas y marcharse.

Example: It turns out that some people are more willing to pack up and go that others.

» pack up and leave = hacer las maletas e irse, hacer las maletas y marcharse, recoger + Posesivo + cosas e irse, recoger + Posesivo + cosas y marcharse.

Example: My wife packed up and left me without warning me she was leaving.

» pack up + for the day = dar de mano.

Example: It only takes about 15 seconds to boot so I shut it down before I leave for work and again when I pack up for the day and head home.

» pack up for + today = dar de mano por hoy.

Example: Well, it's getting very windy and the storm will soon be with us so we will pack up for today and come back tomorrow.

» pack (up) + Posesivo + bags = hacer las maletas, recoger.

Example: The next day we shook off our hangovers with another refreshing dip under the waterfall, packed our bags and headed off.

» pack (up) + Posesivo + belongings = hacer las maletas.

Example: She then returned to campus and finished packing her belongings in her dormitory room.

» pack up + Posesivo + goods and chattels = recoger + Posesivo + pertenencias, recoger + Posesivo + enseres.

Example: Here they are hated, despised, disliked and exacrated by all -- they should pack their goods and chattels and go back to the countries where they come from.

» pack (up) + Posesivo + luggage = hacer las maletas.

Example: One of the most difficult tasks for a woman when going on holiday is packing her luggage!.

» pack (up) + Posesivo + stuff = hacer las maletas, recoger + Posesivo + cosas.

Example: My fiance that I have been with for the past 7 years packed her stuff while I was at work and moved into her cousin's house.

» pack (up) + Posesivo + (suit)case = hacer las maletas.

Example: With schools about to break up for the summer, millions of Brits will be packing their suitcases and jetting off on holiday over the next few weeks.

» pack (up) + Posesivo + things = hacer las maletas, recoger + Posesivo + cosas, recoger las cosas de Uno antes de irse.

Example: And there was the curious behaviour of Plantin's compositor Michel Mayer, who in June 1564 spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in a brothel, then packed his things and left the establishment without saying a word to anyone.

» pack up + the car = meter todas + Posesivo + cosas en el coche.

Example: I just wanna pack up the car with my friends, go to the airport, buy a ticket to a random destination and get lost there.

» repack = reorganizar, modificar, reestructurar, rediseñar, modificar y adaptar. 

Example: The problem posed by the increasing number of documents may be solved by repacking them photographically into smaller categories.

» unpack = desembalar, desempaquetar.

Example: Once unpacked and fully checked the material is ready to pass for processing and cataloguing.

» vacuum-pack = envasar al vacío.

Example: The vegetables were then vacuum-packed, poached in water for 15 minutes and cooled rapidly to room temperature.

pack4 = abarrotar, atestar, atiborrar, apiñar. 

Example: Because it is such a competitive market, nightclubs are constantly reinventing themselves and places that are packed one weekend are deserted the next.


» pack 'em in = apiñar, atraer en masa.

Example: The article 'New York packs 'em in; Martinez bows out' describes the ALA Annual Conference in New York noting the high attendance figures the unexpected decision of the chief executive of the ALA, Elizabeth Martinez, to resign.

» pack in = apiñar, atestar.

Example: This approach allows the construction of concise summaries, containing complex sentences that pack in information.

» pack in + the crowds = atraer a la multitud.

Example: The play is damned by the critics but packs in the crowds and the producers may be upset by the adverse criticisms but they can, as the saying goes, cry all the way to the bank.

pack5 = compactar. 

Example: Insert diskette to be packed and press any key to continue.

pack6 = asestar, atizar, propinar. 

Example: This giant prehistoric sea predator packed the most powerful bite of any fish, living or extinct -- strong enough to shear a shark clean in half.


» pack + a punch = pegar fuerte, tener una gran pegada, pegar duro, dar duro, dar fuerte, surtir efecto, tener un gran efecto.

Example: Holidays in Tenerife certainly pack a punch when it comes to sun-drenched beach breaks.

» pack + a wallop = pegar fuerte, tener una gran pegada, pegar duro, dar duro, dar fuerte, surtir efecto, tener un gran efecto.

Example: When you're crunched for time, take along snacks that pack a wallop, nutritionally speaking.

Pack synonyms

take in spanish: tomar, pronunciation: teɪk part of speech: verb ring in spanish: anillo, pronunciation: rɪŋ part of speech: noun camp in spanish: acampar, pronunciation: kæmp part of speech: noun carry in spanish: llevar, pronunciation: kæri part of speech: verb ram in spanish: RAM, pronunciation: ræm part of speech: noun jam in spanish: mermelada, pronunciation: dʒæm part of speech: noun pile in spanish: pila, pronunciation: paɪl part of speech: noun bundle in spanish: haz, pronunciation: bʌndəl part of speech: noun mob in spanish: multitud, pronunciation: mɑb part of speech: noun gang in spanish: pandilla, pronunciation: gæŋ part of speech: noun coterie in spanish: grupo, pronunciation: koʊtɜri part of speech: noun compact in spanish: compacto, pronunciation: kɑmpækt part of speech: adjective, noun cram in spanish: atestar, pronunciation: kræm part of speech: verb throng in spanish: multitud, pronunciation: θrɔŋ part of speech: noun clique in spanish: camarilla, pronunciation: klik part of speech: noun multitude in spanish: multitud, pronunciation: mʌltətud part of speech: noun wad in spanish: taco, pronunciation: wɑd part of speech: noun tamp in spanish: apisonar, pronunciation: tæmp part of speech: verb, noun battalion in spanish: batallón, pronunciation: bətæljən part of speech: noun backpack in spanish: mochila, pronunciation: bækpæk part of speech: noun inner circle in spanish: círculo interno, pronunciation: ɪnɜrsɜrkəl part of speech: noun tamp down in spanish: apisonar, pronunciation: tæmpdaʊn part of speech: verb ingroup in spanish: en grupo, pronunciation: ɪngrup part of speech: noun jampack in spanish: jampack, pronunciation: dʒæmpæk part of speech: verb face pack in spanish: paquete de cara, pronunciation: feɪspæk part of speech: noun chock up in spanish: juntarse, pronunciation: tʃɑkʌp part of speech: verb large number in spanish: gran número, pronunciation: lɑrdʒnʌmbɜr part of speech: noun load down in spanish: baja la carga, pronunciation: loʊddaʊn part of speech: verb

Pack antonyms

take out pronunciation: teɪkaʊt part of speech: verb unpack pronunciation: ənpæk part of speech: verb
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