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pronunciation: pɑkete part of speech: noun
In gestures

package1 = paquete, envase. 

Example: A spider web of metal, sealed in a thin glass container, a wire heated to brilliant glow, in short, the thermionic tube of radio sets is made by the hundred million, tossed about in packages, plugged into sockets -- and it works!.


» hotel package = paquete hotelero.

Example: This page will be updated as new hotel packages are added.

» journal package = paquete de revistas.

Example: Springer offers online journal packages to smaller colleges at reduced rates.

» package delivery company = empresa de reparto de paquetes.

Example: The article 'Not resting on its laurels' provides a background to the work of Federal Express, a package delivery company awarded the 1990 Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.

» package holiday = paquete de vacaciones, viaje organizado.

Example: She comments on the attitudes of her fellow travelers, mostly people on all-inclusive package holidays, toward the local people, noting an unjustified sense of superiority on the part of the Europeans.

» package tour = vacaciones organizadas.

Example: Today, we can take a package tour to see the Peking Opera or to go tracking in the Himalayas.

» tour package = paquete turístico.

Example: It is impossible for a travel agent to keep track of all the offered tour packages.

» vacation package = paquete de vacaciones, viaje organizado.

Example: Most sites provide meta searches for flights, hotels, cruises, and vacation packages.

package2 = dosier. 

Example: This package contains a handbook explaining how to make laundering, cleaning, and dishwashing easier.


» package of information = dosier de información.

Example: Some libraries are developing packages of information for specific community groups.

» registration package = paquete de inscripción.

Example: Registration packages including the preliminary conference program and the registration form have been mailed.

» study package = material de estudio, material didáctico, material educativo.

Example: A multimedia study package is used to teach online searching and to make students aware of teaching principles.

» training package = paquete de material didáctico.

Example: The relative merits of this self-contained training package were compared with more traditional training methods in tests on end users.

» workpackage = paquete de trabajo, cometido, objetivo. [Cada uno de las objetivos o resultados que un proyecto intenta conseguir]

Example: One of the workpackages of the project is the preparation of software for UKMARC to UNIMARC conversion.

package3 = paquete de programas. 

Example: The package is available as a separate package for running on the purchaser's own computer.


» cash management package = programa de gestión financiera.

Example: Computer aids to decision making range from the personal computer-based financial planning ('spreadsheet') and cash management packages to large-scale decision support systems.

» communications package = paquete de comunicaciones.

Example: Xworld is a good communications package that is most suitable for users interested in sending and receiving binary files, and to a lesser degree text files.

» data entry and validation package = paquete de entrada y comprobación de datos.

Example: A data entry and validation package typically allows the user to define a form to be displayed on a VDU, and by using a cursor, or other prompts, enables data to be entered in this format.

» editing package = paquete de edición de texto.

Example: Editing packages are likely to contain commands to insert, delete, print and replace specific lines of text, and can also 'find and substitute' specific strings of characters.

» information software package = gestor de información.

Example: The Institute was made a distribution centre for UNESCO's information software package CDS/ISIS = El Instituto pasó a ser centro de distribución del gestor de información CDS/ISIS de la UNESCO .

» integrated library package = sistema integrado de gestión bibliotecaria.

Example: This article describes the process of automation at the library, using the complete integrated library package, the Sidney Microlibrary.

» library software package = programa de gestión bibliotecaria.

Example: The evaluation and selection of a library software package, whether it be for library housekeeping, text retrieval or the creation of some other data base should be approached as a project.

» programme packages = paquetes de programas.

Example: Standard program packages are available which will crate such indexes.

» publishers' packages = paquetes editoriales.

Example: But we are no longer dealing with list prices of individual journals but with publishers' packages.

» search software package = programa de búsqueda. [Programa especialmente desarrollado para facilitar las búsquedas en bases de datos de acceso en línea a los usuarios]

Example: A study was designed to address this question, particularly as applied to clinicians and user-friendly search software package such as Grateful Med.

» software package = paquete de programas de ordenador.

Example: A software package is a set of programs intended to achieve a specific objective, or designed to instruct the computer to execute a set of tasks in order to organise information in a pre-assigned manner.

» sort package = paquete de clasificación.

Example: Sort packages are designed to sort a specified file of records into order according to a particular field or key.

package4 = envasar, presentar dentro de, embalar, empaquetar. 

Example: The microfilm is a common form for catalogues and indexes, in either 35 mm or 16 mm roll film, usually but not always packaged in a cassette.


» repackage [re-package] = reorganizar, modificar, reestructurar, rediseñar, modificar y adaptar. 

Example: The objective of the second phase is to synthesise, repackage and disseminate findings for various audiences.

package5 = seleccionar y presentar en un documento, representar, envasar. 

Example: Documents rarely exactly match a user's requirements because information can be packaged in almost as many different ways as there are participants in a subject area.


» package + information = presentar información, ofrecer información.

Example: This article emphasises the need to find a solution to the problems of packaging information in ways that are both economical and acceptable to users.

» package + knowledge = presentar conocimiento, ofrecer conocimiento.

Example: The philosophy behind the teaching of comparative librarianship is that knowledge cannot be packaged into neat portions.

» repackage + information = presentar información de varios modos, reorganizar la información.

Example: Agricultural librarians should reprocess and repackage this information in more appropriate media.

Package synonyms

box in spanish: caja, pronunciation: bɑks part of speech: noun bundle in spanish: haz, pronunciation: bʌndəl part of speech: noun parcel in spanish: paquete, pronunciation: pɑrsəl part of speech: noun packet in spanish: paquete, pronunciation: pækət part of speech: noun

Package antonyms

unbox pronunciation: ənbɑks part of speech: verb
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