Painted in spanish


pronunciation: pintɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
In gestures

paint2 = pintar. 

Example: The puppets were simple creations: cardboard heads painted and stitched onto pieces of cloth which formed the glove.


» overpaint = pintar sobre Algo ya pintado. 

Example: Clobbering is a form of decoration where the original designs or patterns have been disregarded or deliberately altered or disguised by overpainting with enamels and/or gilding.

» paint + a broad-brush picture = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada, describir a grandes rasgos.

Example: In this presentation, I wish to paint a broad-brush picture of this important area by drawing examples from our own work as well as from published literature.

» paint + a broad picture = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada, describir a grandes rasgos.

Example: Although there isn't room here to go into much detail, it may be worthwhile to paint a broad picture of how the migration actually went.

» paint + a clear picture = describir claramente, describir con claridad, presentar una imagen clara, dibujar una imagen clara.

Example: It's kind of like solving a puzzle -- you have all these oddly shaped pieces which can paint a clear picture if put together in the proper order.

» paint + a picture = dar una imagen, describir, presentar una imagen.

Example: The data paint a picture of a fragmented discipline.

» paint + Nombre + as = describir como, pintar como.

Example: Many commentators want to blame the Liberal Democrats for this, painting them as lily-livered social democrats with no real appetite for revolutionary change.

» paint + Nombre + with a broad brush = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada, describir a grandes rasgos.

Example: But just as it's not fair to paint any race or socioeconomic class with a broad brush, labeling them this or that, it's not fair that all police officers are ridiculed because of the actions of a few.

» paint-on medication = medicación de aplicación tópica.

Example: Unfortunately, women can't use nail polish and the paint-on medication at the same time.

» paint + the town red = salir de juerga, irse de juerga, salir de marcha, irse de marcha, salir de parranda, irse de parranda, irse de picos pardos, salir de jarana, irse de jarana.

Example: Another sign of middle age is when, after painting the town red, you have to rest a week before applying the second coat.

» repaint [re-paint] = volver a pintar, pintar de nuevo. 

Example: The library is undergoing a five-day 'extreme makeover' and will be repainted, re-carpeted, reconfigured and equipped with the latest furnishings.

» spray-paint = pintar con espray.

Example: The Government has ordered the police nationwide to spray-paint all private homes of alleged or suspected drug dealers in Manila.



» freshly painted = recién pintado.

Example: Although it may smell safe, sleeping in a freshly painted room could be very hazardous to your health.

» hand-painted = pintado a mano.

Example: The book presents the history of the techniques, production, and styles of hand-painted ceramic tiles and of their use in architecture in Europe.

» newly painted = recién pintado, recientemente pintado.

Example: In order to buff a newly painted car, make sure not to press as hard because the car isn't going to have as many contaminants on the surface.

Painted synonyms

delineate in spanish: delinear, pronunciation: dɪlɪnieɪt part of speech: verb motley in spanish: abigarrado, pronunciation: mɑtli part of speech: adjective, noun artificial in spanish: artificial, pronunciation: ɑrtəfɪʃəl part of speech: adjective pied in spanish: de varios colores, pronunciation: paɪd part of speech: adjective colorful in spanish: vistoso, pronunciation: kʌlɜrfəl part of speech: adjective piebald in spanish: caballo pío, pronunciation: paɪbɔld part of speech: adjective colored in spanish: de colores, pronunciation: kʌlɜrd part of speech: adjective finished in spanish: terminado, pronunciation: fɪnɪʃt part of speech: adjective unreal in spanish: irreal, pronunciation: ənril part of speech: adjective delineated in spanish: delineado, pronunciation: dɪlɪnieɪtɪd part of speech: adjective stained in spanish: manchado, pronunciation: steɪnd part of speech: adjective coloured in spanish: de colores, pronunciation: kʌlɜrd part of speech: adjective multicolored in spanish: multicolor, pronunciation: məltikʌlɜrd part of speech: adjective made-up in spanish: arreglado, pronunciation: meɪdʌp part of speech: adjective represented in spanish: representado, pronunciation: reprəzentəd part of speech: adjective multicolor in spanish: multicolor, pronunciation: məltikʌlɜr part of speech: adjective whitewashed in spanish: blanqueado, pronunciation: waɪtwɑʃt part of speech: adjective multicoloured in spanish: multicolor, pronunciation: məltikoʊlurd part of speech: adjective varnished in spanish: barnizado, pronunciation: vɑrnɪʃt part of speech: adjective rouged in spanish: rugido, pronunciation: raʊʒd part of speech: adjective varicolored in spanish: abigarrado, pronunciation: verəkɑlɜrd part of speech: adjective particolored in spanish: multicolor, pronunciation: pɑrtəkəlɜrd part of speech: adjective varicoloured in spanish: abigarrado, pronunciation: verɪkɑlɜrd part of speech: adjective particoloured in spanish: multicolor, pronunciation: pɑrtəkəlurd part of speech: adjective culticolour in spanish: culticolor, pronunciation: kʌltikəlɜr

Painted antonyms

unpainted pronunciation: ənpeɪntɪd part of speech: adjective
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