Qualify in spanish


pronunciation: kɑlifikɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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qualify = calificar, acotar, precisar, matizar, especificar, puntualizar, aclarar. 

Example: Common facets may be listed anywhere in the schedule order, because they are facets that, although only listed once can be applied anywhere in the citation order, as required to qualify the concept to which they apply.


» disqualify = descalificar. [Pincha en para ver otras palabras que comienzan con este prefijo]

Example: Neither, therefore, does the act of arranging a subject bibliography in alphabetical order disqualify it from being termed a `subject bibliography'.

» qualify for = reunir las condiciones para, permitir, poder.

Example: FIAC has drawn up a list of criteria to determine whether an advice centre qualifies for membership of the Federation.

» qualify + search = acotar una búsqueda, delimitar una búsqueda, restringir una búsqueda. [Proceso por el que se modifica la clave inicial de búsqueda para que el resultado de ésta sea más pertinente]

Example: If too many titles are found, try to qualify your search by entering publication date, author's name, or other qualifier.

» qualify + selection = restringir una búsqueda.

Example: The Year-Year fields are used to qualify selection to specific or a range for year of publication.

Qualify synonyms

condition in spanish: , pronunciation: kəndɪʃən part of speech: noun dispose in spanish: , pronunciation: dɪspoʊz part of speech: verb stipulate in spanish: , pronunciation: stɪpjəleɪt part of speech: verb modify in spanish: , pronunciation: mɑdəfaɪ part of speech: verb specify in spanish: , pronunciation: spesəfaɪ part of speech: verb restrict in spanish: , pronunciation: ristrɪkt part of speech: verb characterize in spanish: , pronunciation: kerəktɜraɪz part of speech: verb measure up in spanish: , pronunciation: meʒɜrʌp part of speech: verb

Qualify antonyms

unfit pronunciation: ənfɪt part of speech: adjective disqualify pronunciation: dɪskwɑləfaɪ part of speech: verb indispose pronunciation: ɪndɪspoʊz part of speech: verb
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