Sadly in spanish


pronunciation: tɹ̩istemente part of speech: adverb
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sadly = lamentablemente, desafortunadamente, desgraciadamente, tristemente, por desgracia, por mala fortuna. 

Example: Sadly, the information network has not so far been able to respond adequately to the special needs of business.


» be sadly missed = echar muchísimo de menos, echar muchísimo en falta, echar mucho de menos, echar mucho en falta. [Generalmente por defunción]

Example: Langer is a great loss to Australia and will be sadly missed.

Sadly synonyms

woefully in spanish: , pronunciation: woʊfəli part of speech: adverb lamentably in spanish: , pronunciation: ləmentəbli part of speech: adverb unhappily in spanish: , pronunciation: ənhæpəli part of speech: adverb deplorably in spanish: , pronunciation: dɪplɔrəbli part of speech: adverb

Sadly antonyms

happily pronunciation: hæpəli part of speech: adverb
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