Yelp in spanish


pronunciation: gɑnjidoʊ part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

yelp1 = gañido, aullido, alarido, ladrido. 

Example: Its shooting stabs of pain, its yelps of despair, its tears, its emotional zigzagging, all bear testimony to such a shattering.

yelp2 = chillido, grito, quejido. [Referido al hombre]

Example: Then he did several backflips and wailed aloud in his misery and woe, his yelps of distress quite filling the empyrean.

yelp3 = aullar, ladrar, gañir. [Referido generalmente al perro]

Example: If you own a dog, you must not allow it to continually or frequently bark, howl, or yelp, disturbing the peace of others.

yelp4 = chillar, gritar. [Referido generalmente al ser humano]

Example: He yelped in pain and she grabbed his wrists and pinned his arms to the floor.

Yelp synonyms

yap in spanish: , pronunciation: jæp part of speech: noun yip in spanish: , pronunciation: jɪp part of speech: verb yelping in spanish: , pronunciation: jelpɪŋ part of speech: noun
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