Yeoman in spanish


pronunciation: ɑθendɑdoʊ part of speech: noun
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yeoman [yeomen, -pl.] = vasallo propietario de sus tierras. 

Example: Most of the testators were yeomen, husbandmen, tradesmen, craftsmen and laborers, and the widows of such men.


» yeoman farmer = pequeño propietario de tierras.

Example: She argues that the way yeoman farmers lorded over their wives and dependents was similar to the way wealthy planters lorded over their slaves.

» yeoman service = servicio valioso.

Example: Silviculture research has rendered yeoman service to the development of forestry and forestry practices in India.

Yeoman synonyms

beefeater in spanish: , pronunciation: bifitɜr part of speech: noun yeoman of the guard in spanish: , pronunciation: joʊmənʌvðəgɑrd part of speech: noun
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