Absurdo in english


pronunciation: əbsɜrd part of speech: adjective
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absurdo = foolish ; incongruous ; ludicrous ; absurd ; farcical ; meaningless ; nonsensical. 

Example: It would be uneconomic and foolish to persevere with human assignment of controlled-language terms.Example: The idea is incongruous in our general catalogs where a publication is to be represented by a main entry as an edition of a particular work by a particular author.Example: Hernandez described the encounter as futile and ludicrous, and concluded that it tallied entirely with Lespran's expectation of it..Example: Too frequently absurd errors creep past the abstractor who does not know the field.Example: There is considerable interest in picture books from the social realism of the 70s to the growing interest in fantasy, myth, legend, science fiction and the emphasis on the farcical and absurd aspects of life in the 80s.Example: Although the isolate numbers for the concepts are correct, these mistakes in the use of facet indicators render this class number meaningless.Example: Parental protectiveness of children is surely a good thing if sensibly applied, but this nonsensical double standard doesn't help anyone.


» ab absurdoab absurdo .

Example: That this is not true is easily understood from the following ab absurdo argumentation.

» algo absurdononsense .

Example: Since 'added entry' maps to 'access point' and 'main entry' maps to 'access point', some curious, but harmless non-sense results.

» lo absurdoridiculousness  .

Example: The lavishness of the presentation imbues the show with conviction and almost distracts from the ridiculousness of its apocalyptic posturing.

Absurdo synonyms

ludicrous in spanish: ridículo, pronunciation: ludəkrəs part of speech: adjective preposterous in spanish: absurdo, pronunciation: prɪpɑstɜrəs part of speech: adjective incongruous in spanish: incongruente, pronunciation: ɪŋkɔŋruəs part of speech: adjective ridiculous in spanish: ridículo, pronunciation: rɪdɪkjələs part of speech: adjective foolish in spanish: tonto, pronunciation: fulɪʃ part of speech: adjective nonsensical in spanish: absurdo, pronunciation: nɑnsensɪkəl part of speech: adjective illogical in spanish: ilógico, pronunciation: ɪlɑdʒɪkəl part of speech: adjective unreasonable in spanish: irrazonable, pronunciation: ənriznəbəl part of speech: adjective derisory in spanish: irrisorio, pronunciation: dɪrizɜri part of speech: adjective unlogical in spanish: poco lógico, pronunciation: ənlɑdʒɪkəl part of speech: adjective
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