Abuchear in english


pronunciation: dʒɪr part of speech: verb, noun
In gestures

abuchear = jeer ; hiss ; boo ; heckle ; catcall. 

Example: Taunts from her Hispanic students spurred a Japanese-American teacher to develop a multicultural unit that helped children appreciate the culture they had previously jeered.Example: In all truth, it must be said that this howling, hissing, foot-scraping body of young rapscallions found some cause for complaint.Example: Hundreds of usually loyal fans booed and jeered as the tortured singer delivered a shambolic and apparently drunken performance.Example: In stark contrast, these students, who heckled the ambassador in a much smaller venue, are being criminally charged and could potentially face prison.Example: Before the show got underway, students and friends in the audience began to catcall and cheer for the people they had come to see.

Abuchear synonyms

scoff in spanish: burla, pronunciation: skɔf part of speech: verb, noun flout in spanish: burlarse de, pronunciation: flaʊt part of speech: verb gibe in spanish: burla, pronunciation: dʒaɪb part of speech: noun mockery in spanish: burlas, pronunciation: mɑkɜri part of speech: noun barrack in spanish: barraca, pronunciation: bærək part of speech: noun jeering in spanish: abucheos, pronunciation: dʒɪrɪŋ part of speech: noun, adjective scoffing in spanish: burla, pronunciation: skɔfɪŋ part of speech: noun
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