Abucheo in english


pronunciation: bu part of speech: noun
In gestures

abuchear = jeer ; hiss ; boo ; heckle ; catcall. 

Example: Taunts from her Hispanic students spurred a Japanese-American teacher to develop a multicultural unit that helped children appreciate the culture they had previously jeered.Example: In all truth, it must be said that this howling, hissing, foot-scraping body of young rapscallions found some cause for complaint.Example: Hundreds of usually loyal fans booed and jeered as the tortured singer delivered a shambolic and apparently drunken performance.Example: In stark contrast, these students, who heckled the ambassador in a much smaller venue, are being criminally charged and could potentially face prison.Example: Before the show got underway, students and friends in the audience began to catcall and cheer for the people they had come to see.

abucheo = jeer ; catcall ; catcalling. 

Example: Members of congress paid more attention to each other than to the president, responding with partisan jeers and cheers.Example: The audience responded to the ballet with such a din of hisses and catcalls that the performers could barely hear each other.Example: Despite the catcalling from the Opposition, the Minister said that improved efficiency in processing will encourage an expansion of production and so will increase the demand for labour.

Abucheo synonyms

bird in spanish: pájaro, pronunciation: bɜrd part of speech: noun hoot in spanish: ulular, pronunciation: hut part of speech: noun snort in spanish: bufido, pronunciation: snɔrt part of speech: noun, verb hiss in spanish: silbido, pronunciation: hɪs part of speech: noun, verb raspberry in spanish: frambuesa, pronunciation: ræzberi part of speech: noun razzing in spanish: arrasando, pronunciation: ræzɪŋ part of speech: noun bronx cheer in spanish: aclamación bronx, pronunciation: brɑŋkstʃɪr part of speech: noun
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