Abultado in english


pronunciation: bʌlki part of speech: adjective
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abultado = unwieldy ; lumpy ; swollen ; bulging ; turgid ; bulgy ; chunky . 

Example: It is well-established practice to ignore initial articles when they occur as the initial word of a title or subject heading, so that unwieldy sequences do not evolve under such words.Example: Between 9 and 12 months, lumpy or chopped foods, such as vegetables, meats, or cottage cheese, may be introduced.Example: As Feng swept by with an almost inaudible 'Good morning, Jeanne' escaping from her lips, Leforte thought she detected the tell-tale indications of crying on her face -- the red, swollen eyes, the puffiness.Example: Ladies bemoan their fat tummies, wobbly thighs, bulging hips and flabby thighs.Example: I recently found out that 'turgid,' which actually means 'swollen' and that I was confusing it with 'turbid,' a word I've never heard.Example: With the awareness surrounding fit bodies, many of us become perturbed due to our bulgy or podgy body parts.Example: This is the best recipe you will find for making the most chunky and crispy chips in the world!.


» cada vez más abultadoswelling .

Example: By far the most difficult new challenge looming for librarianship will be preserving and providing access to 'born-digital' materials, that swelling mass of material that appears only in electronic form.

» el abultado número dethe field of .

Example: Fit and fun-loving delegates are invited to accept to join the field of 10,000 entrants in this marathon to raise money for IFLA's own charity 'Books for All'.

» salario abultadofat salary .

Example: Doctors are now making fat salaries and in my opinion couldn't care a hoot about patients.

abultar = bulk ; bulge. 

Example: Such entries bulk the catalogue, making its weeding increasingly difficult and time-consuming.Example: Finally, the scores of amendments, which had been issued to change rules or clarify their meaning, had mounted to the point where catalogers copies of the AACR were seriously out-of-date, if they were not bulging with tip-ins.


» abultar pocobe skimpy .

Example: Supplements are frequently skimpy and add little to the basic volume or set.

» abultarsepouchbunch up .

Example: Also, a few months after the fracture, my stomach began to pouch outward, and a lot of times I feel bloated.

Example: Then the car engine blew in an explosion that made the hood bunch up from the impact of thrown pistons.

Abultado synonyms

big in spanish: grande, pronunciation: bɪg part of speech: adjective large in spanish: grande, pronunciation: lɑrdʒ part of speech: adjective
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