Abultamiento in english


pronunciation: bʌldʒ part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

abultamiento = protuberance. 

Example: The protuberance could be one of two things, a pus/bacteria filled sac that has lodged itself internally or a small tumor.

Abultamiento synonyms

bag in spanish: bolso, pronunciation: bæg part of speech: noun pop in spanish: popular, pronunciation: pɑp part of speech: noun, verb, adjective bump in spanish: bache, pronunciation: bʌmp part of speech: noun, verb bulk in spanish: abultar, pronunciation: bʌlk part of speech: noun pouch in spanish: bolsa, pronunciation: paʊtʃ part of speech: noun hump in spanish: joroba, pronunciation: hʌmp part of speech: noun prominence in spanish: prominencia, pronunciation: prɑmənəns part of speech: noun protrude in spanish: sobresalir, pronunciation: proʊtrud part of speech: verb protrusion in spanish: saliente, pronunciation: prətruʒən part of speech: noun extrusion in spanish: extrusión, pronunciation: ɪkstruʒən part of speech: noun jut in spanish: sobresalir, pronunciation: dʒʌt part of speech: noun, verb excrescence in spanish: excrecencia, pronunciation: ɪkskresəns part of speech: noun protuberance in spanish: protuberancia, pronunciation: proʊtubɜrəns part of speech: noun come out in spanish: salga, pronunciation: kʌmaʊt part of speech: verb gibbosity in spanish: gibosidad, pronunciation: dʒɪbɑsəti part of speech: noun pop out in spanish: salir, pronunciation: pɑpaʊt part of speech: verb bug out in spanish: saltones, pronunciation: bʌgaʊt part of speech: verb bulge out in spanish: sobresalir, pronunciation: bʌldʒaʊt part of speech: verb gibbousness in spanish: gibosidad, pronunciation: dʒɪbəsnəs part of speech: noun
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