Acartonado in english


pronunciation: kɑrdbɔrd part of speech: noun
In gestures

acartonado = stuffy ; starchy. 

Example: Some children are prepared to patronize the shop, and use it in quite a different way, when they find the library (however well run) stuffy or off-putting.Example: This is a collection of pictures of codgers from all over the world who look starchy, pompous, haughty or grumpy.

Acartonado synonyms

inferior in spanish: inferior, pronunciation: ɪnfɪriɜr part of speech: adjective artificial in spanish: artificial, pronunciation: ɑrtəfɪʃəl part of speech: adjective flimsy in spanish: endeble, pronunciation: flɪmzi part of speech: adjective unreal in spanish: irreal, pronunciation: ənril part of speech: adjective unlifelike in spanish: a diferencia de, pronunciation: ənlaɪflaɪk part of speech: adjective composition board in spanish: tablero de composición, pronunciation: kɑmpəzɪʃənbɔrd part of speech: noun
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