Acatamiento in english


pronunciation: kəmplaɪəns part of speech: noun
In gestures

acatamiento = acquiescence ; obedience. 

Example: After decades of inertia and acquiescence, academic researchers are beginning to offer alternatives to the highly inefficient and unfair system of journal publishing in academia.Example: This article reviews the prospects and limitations of several of these strategies for explaining cooperation and obedience to social norms.

Acatamiento synonyms

deference in spanish: deferencia, pronunciation: defɜrəns part of speech: noun submission in spanish: sumisión, pronunciation: səbmɪʃən part of speech: noun conformity in spanish: conformidad, pronunciation: kənfɔrməti part of speech: noun conformation in spanish: conformación, pronunciation: kɑnfɜrmeɪʃən part of speech: noun abidance in spanish: acatamiento, pronunciation: æbədəns part of speech: noun complaisance in spanish: complacencia, pronunciation: kəmpleɪzəns part of speech: noun compliancy in spanish: cumplimiento, pronunciation: kəmplaɪənsi part of speech: noun obligingness in spanish: obligación, pronunciation: əblɪgɪŋnɪs part of speech: noun
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