Dabble in spanish


pronunciation: sɑlpikɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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dabble in = interesarse por Algo superficialmente, tratar Algo supercialmente. 

Example: It is time for the ALA to establish its priorities, concerning itself with those things libraries do best before dabbling in other, peripheral affairs.

Dabble synonyms

paddle in spanish: paleta, pronunciation: pædəl part of speech: noun, verb smatter in spanish: saber por encima, pronunciation: smætɜr part of speech: verb dip into in spanish: inmersión en, pronunciation: dɪpɪntu part of speech: verb play at in spanish: juega en, pronunciation: pleɪæt splash around in spanish: chapotear, pronunciation: splæʃɜraʊnd part of speech: verb dabble in in spanish: incursionar en, pronunciation: dæbəlɪn dabble with in spanish: meterse con, pronunciation: dæbəlwɪð dabble at in spanish: incursionar en, pronunciation: dæbəlæt
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