Damned in spanish


pronunciation: mɑlditoʊ part of speech: adjective
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damn2 = condenar, maldecir, recriminar, censurar, reprochar, criticar. 

Example: The play is damned by the critics but packs in the crowds and the producers may be upset by the adverse criticisms but they can, as the saying goes, cry all the way to the bank.

damned = condenado, maldito, endemoniado. 

Example: Literature can have only a formal use for utterly damned souls -- or for saints.


» be damned! = ¡que + Pronombre + zurcir!, ¡que + Pronombre + partir un rayo!.

Example: The idea was to give the 'best and most aspiring poor' the opportunity to improve; the not so good and less aspiring be damned!.

Damned synonyms

lost in spanish: perdió, pronunciation: lɔst part of speech: noun, adjective blame in spanish: culpa, pronunciation: bleɪm part of speech: verb, noun damn in spanish: Maldita sea, pronunciation: dæm part of speech: adjective, verb, adverb blessed in spanish: bendito, pronunciation: blest part of speech: adjective doomed in spanish: condenado, pronunciation: dumd part of speech: noun, adjective everlasting in spanish: eterno, pronunciation: evɜrlæstɪŋ part of speech: adjective infernal in spanish: infernal, pronunciation: ɪnfɜrnəl part of speech: adjective, noun blasted in spanish: maldito, pronunciation: blæstəd part of speech: adjective cursed in spanish: maldito, pronunciation: kɜrst part of speech: adjective goddamn in spanish: maldito, pronunciation: gɑddæm part of speech: adjective goddamned in spanish: maldito, pronunciation: gɑdæmd part of speech: adjective blamed in spanish: culpada, pronunciation: bleɪmd part of speech: adjective darned in spanish: condenado, pronunciation: dɑrnd part of speech: adjective curst in spanish: curst, pronunciation: kɜrst part of speech: adjective goddam in spanish: maldito, pronunciation: gɑddæm part of speech: adjective deuced in spanish: tremendo, pronunciation: dust part of speech: adjective damnably in spanish: malditamente, pronunciation: dæmnəbli part of speech: adverb unredeemed in spanish: no redimido, pronunciation: ənridimd part of speech: adjective unsaved in spanish: no salvos, pronunciation: ənseɪvd part of speech: adjective cursedly in spanish: maldito, pronunciation: kɜrsɪdli part of speech: adverb
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