Damning in spanish


pronunciation: mɑldiθioʊn part of speech: adjective
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damn2 = condenar, maldecir, recriminar, censurar, reprochar, criticar. 

Example: The play is damned by the critics but packs in the crowds and the producers may be upset by the adverse criticisms but they can, as the saying goes, cry all the way to the bank.

damning = incriminatorio, incriminante. 

Example: As Richman goes to tedious lengths to build a damning portrait of the obnoxious reporter, Chas delves into Laurenge's past, trying to find some way of spiking his guns.

Damning synonyms

inculpatory in spanish: acusador, pronunciation: ɪnkʌlpətɔri part of speech: adjective damnatory in spanish: condenatorio, pronunciation: dæmnətɔri part of speech: adjective inculpative in spanish: inculpativo, pronunciation: ɪnkʌlpətɪv part of speech: adjective
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