Damp in spanish


pronunciation: umedoʊ part of speech: adjective
In gestures

damp1 = humedad. 

Example: In the diethyl zinc process damp is drawn from paper and a neutralising agent applied.

damp2 = húmedo, mojado, con humedad. 

Example: The raw material of white paper was undyed linen -- or in very early days hempen -- rags, which the paper-maker bought in bulk, sorted and washed, and then put by in a damp heap for four or five days to rot.


» damp soil = suelo húmedo.

Example: The familiar 'roly-polies' that are often found under logs and other areas of damp soil are isopods and have typically segmented and flattened body forms.

damp3 = humedecer, mojar. 

Example: Type was thrust deep into roughish paper which had been softened by damping.

Damp synonyms

break in spanish: descanso, pronunciation: breɪk part of speech: verb, noun wet in spanish: mojado, pronunciation: wet part of speech: adjective dull in spanish: aburrido, pronunciation: dʌl part of speech: adjective mute in spanish: mudo, pronunciation: mjut part of speech: adjective dampen in spanish: humedecer, pronunciation: dæmpən part of speech: verb moist in spanish: húmedo, pronunciation: mɔɪst part of speech: adjective muffle in spanish: amortiguar, pronunciation: mʌfəl part of speech: verb, noun soften in spanish: ablandar, pronunciation: sɑfən part of speech: verb weaken in spanish: debilitar, pronunciation: wikən part of speech: verb deaden in spanish: amortiguar, pronunciation: dedən part of speech: verb dampness in spanish: humedad, pronunciation: dæmpnɪs part of speech: noun tone down in spanish: bajar el tono, pronunciation: toʊndaʊn part of speech: verb dampish in spanish: mojado, pronunciation: dæmpɪʃ part of speech: adjective moistness in spanish: humedad, pronunciation: mɔɪstnəs part of speech: noun
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